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Pique delivers the powerful health benefits of plants in the most pure, effective, and accessible form.

Triple Toxin Screened
for Purity


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Highest Quality Ingredients

It all starts with the highest quality teas and superfoods from family-run farms. Whether it’s matcha from Kagoshima, Japan; bergamot from Calabria, Italy; black elderberry from Northern Europe; green tea from Mogan National Park, China; or Hibiscus from Aswan, Egypt; we source exclusively from some of the world’s greatest and most protected sources of biodiversity.


Patented Cold Extraction Technology™

Next, we extract the bioactive compounds in teas and superplants at cold-to-low temperatures for up to 8 hours. This artisanal process gently extracts natural antioxidants and phytonutrients and preserves them in a whole form, where all beneficial compounds are present. This is the purest way to extract phytonutrients in plants for maximum efficacy.


Maximum Phytonutrients

Our products are designed to deliver concentrated polyphenols — the unique antioxidants found in plants. Polyphenol antioxidants help diminish the harmful effects of free radicals and oxidative stress, amongst an array of other health benefits. Using concentrated, whole plant compounds is the most effective way to unlock the amazing benefits of teas and superfoods — like the support of digestion, immunity, weight management, and calm energy.


Triple Toxin Screening

We ensure a higher level of purity than any other tea on the market by triple screening for dangerous and common toxins: 1) pesticides, 2) heavy metals and 3) toxic mold. Tea is one of the most pesticide-laden crops and is commonly farmed in areas with high industrial pollution. With unnaturally long shelf-lives, teabags can also accumulate toxic mold in harmful quantities. These toxins have been linked to a range of long-term health issues.

Recommended by Our Health Experts

"I was blown away by the purity, simplicity and health benefits of Pique. These teas are a simple, natural and effective way to support gut health."

Mark Hyman, MD

13x New York Times
Bestselling Author

"Pique offers a unique tea blend to make fasting easier and more enjoyable. Their teas extract antioxidants to preserve the inherent power of tea and naturally provide satiety."

Jason Fung, MD, FRCP(C)

World expert in Intermittent Fasting

"Pique has become a fast favorite (and delicious) method of including tea into my routine, day or night. I highly recommend you give them a try!"

Kelly LeVeque

Holistic Nutritionist

Celebrity Health Coach

"Pique Teas are a tremendous source of polyphenols, wonderful for anyone with gut issues. I use them in my clinical practice. I use them for myself. I love Pique Teas!"

Terry Wahls, MD

Clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa

"I’ve been drinking tea my entire life and there has not been a better company than Pique. Their teas have helped with my fasts, and also in providing the immune support I need during this time."

Peter Lee Thomas

A-List Celebrity Trainer to Halle Berry

More than 15,000+ Five Star Reviews

Loved By Real Customers

"I've followed Pique's Protocol and it's been almost 2 weeks since I started and my sugar cravings have subsided and my gut feels healthy. This tea is now part of my daily health ritual."

Benita - Verified Buyer

"My skin looks so much better! I’ve been on this tea for 2 months now. The first month I didn’t notice much, but the 2nd month my skin has been improving. I can't get enough!"

Deysi - Verified Buyer

"I recently gave up coffee, and felt like I could not stand to face a day without it. However, this is even better! The taste is unparalleled, and because it’s pre-measured crystals, always a perfect cup."

Bethany - Verified Buyer

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