Bergamot Black Fasting Tea.

Energizing English black tea is infused with whole, ground Calabrian bergamot for a nourishing, yet vibrant morning indulgence.  Black tea contains the highest dose of caffeine, while L-theanine and Bergamot rind support a calm, positive mood. You’ll start the day with so much energy, focus, and exuberance, you’ll forget “fasting fatigue” is even a thing.

Bergamot Green Fasting Tea.

When the world’s finest Japanese green tea is blended with heirloom Italian citrus, you get this sensational east-meets-west infusion. The perfect midday dose of caffeine combats afternoon fatigue, while high-catechin green tea provides satiety, and ground bergamot helps support a positive mood. Fasting “hanger” will be a thing of the past!

Your “fast” pass to success.

The doctor-recommended way to hack your fast! The superplant compounds found in tea are a triple-threat against common fasting woes: they help support digestion, enhance natural energy, and promote calm. Just what you need to overcome cravings, fight fatigue, and soothe angst so you can coast through your fasting windows. 

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Bergamot Bundle
Hi there Dabbs! Thank you so much for your review! I'm so sorry that our Bergamot teas are not what you were expecting. If you're experiencing difficulties mixing our Bergamot Fasting Teas, this is because we use real whole ground Bergamot which doesn't naturally dissolve in water (so you know it's real!). There will be natural sediment in your cup because of this. To enjoy our Bergamot Fasting Teas, we recommend only using hot temperatures for your water and to occasionally stir your tea when sipped on. If you're unhappy, we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee. Please reach out to us at so we can make this right for you. Thank you again for the review!
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Bergamot Bundle
Bergamot Bundle
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