Survive the night.

What is it about the evening hours? Even the best intentions not to snack before bed are so easily surrendered. Not with this tea. More than something to fill your belly, the aromatic cinnamon pulls double duty by actively helping to manage cravings.

Curated Blend.

Healthy plants are great, but healthy plants used together in the proper combo are even greater. Traditional Eastern and Western herbalism informed this synergistic blend of whole bergamot, burdock root and spearmint – to bring out the maximum power of cinnamon and of each other.

Alluring flavor.

Equal parts refreshing and comforting with a predominantly cinnamon flavor. Spicy, earthy sweet with hints of citrus and mint. Delightfully satisfying. Fasting never tasted so good.

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Might be better if I add a cinnamon stick to it next time

Not as fragrant as I was hoping. I am a huge cinnamon fan and it was just okay. I had the other fasting tea with ginger and mint I think and it beautifully go me thru the last 2 hours of my fast and really calmed my stomach and mood. The cinnamon did not have the same effect.

Hi Virginia, and thank you so much for your feedback! I'm so sorry our Cinnamon tea did not perform as well as you were expecting. We are always happy to help you do what we can so you can enjoy your teas or to help you process a return. Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime at Thanks again Virginia!

The tea doesn't dissolve in hot water, and it settles at the bottom of your cup. You need to constantly stir it, and then end up having to drink flotsam in order to have any flavor; but even then the flavor is bland and mild. I really wanted to like this, cinnamon tea sounds divine. Unfortunately it's not good.

Hi Kari! Thank you so much for your feedback, they are incredibly valuable to us! We're so sorry hear about this sediment issue you're experiencing with your Cinnamon teas. This is a common problem because some of our teas teas like our Cinnamon mix differently than our other teas. They have tougher organic compounds, which makes hotter temperatures more effective in breaking them down. With that said, we do offer a full guarantee on our teas, and we are totally happy to refund you or help you find a tea that you might better enjoy! Please feel free to reach out to us at anytime at: :)
Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea Review

The flavor of this tea is amazing. It is very satisfying and keeps me full for quite a while. I'm very pleased with this purchase.

I enjoyed the cinnamon herbal tea

I like that it dissolves quickly and has a nice flavor. I didn't seem to get any benefit with fasting, but I enjoy drinking tea while fasting.

Tasty and helps my cravings

It’s not like some teas where they taste nasty without sugar. It’s not incredibly flavorful the way I mix it (1 packet in 16oz vs. 8oz), but it has a nice hint of cinnamon and mint which is absolutely delicious and it’s still enough to help me get through a bad sugar craving. I haven’t tested it for hunger yet, but I suspect that it will at the very least relieve my boredom during meal times.