Centenarian Longevity Tonic.

Bioavailable curcumin from the finest fermented Okinawan turmeric supports a healthy response to inflammation, healthy immune function, joint mobility, and more. Enjoy the centuries-old “secret sauce” of the world’s longest living women.

Royal Fermentation, Superior Results.

Reap the benefits of curcumin in its most bioavailable form. Okinawan turmeric is fermented using the same 300-year-old fermentation method— and liquor— enjoyed by Ryukyu Kingdom royals. Sip the synergistic effect of Okinawan rice wine (Awamori) and rare mango yeast.

Delectable Ayurvedic Wisdom.

Supercharge your health and make your taste buds smile. The transformative potential of superior fermented turmeric is magnified with masterful Ayurvedic blending. Warming ginger root and sweet cinnamon bark unlock the beneficial turmeric compounds and delight the palate.

Customer Reviews

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The Tea is quite bitter by itself but after reading other reviews, I tried it with hemp milk and a bit of honey and really like it alot! It has a very full, rich and nutty flavor.

Not for me.

I enjoy these spices on a daily basis with cooking, but in this tea, the turmeric is way too intense for me. I first tried with water and it was hard for me to drink. Made the golden milk recipe, still too intense. I added more almond milk and a dark hot chocolate packet to the golden milk recipe and that was the only way I could tolerate it.

<p>Hi Else, thank you so much for your thoughtful review! We're sorry our Electric Turmeric did not meet your expectations. We generally recommend mixing 1 sachet with 12oz of water, but if you can adjust this amount based on your preferences. </p>

<p>Please know that we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our teas within 30 days, so please reach out to us at <a target='_blank' href='mailto:teamakers@piquetea.com'>teamakers@piquetea.com</a> so we can make this right for you. Thank you again for your thoughtful review Elyse!</p>

Magical tea

This is hands down the best turmeric tea I have ever had and I have ordered fermented turmeric tea directly from Okinawa. This tea is so rich it is really more like a supplement. Even though it says to use only 8oz of water I tend to add more to make sure I get all of the tea crystals. Highly recommend.

Goodness in a packet! :)

So many health benefits - so convenient to take anywhere and also delicious!
Can be prepared in water or as a golden milk beverage as well.

Fantastic Digestive Support

I have tried multiple kinds of teas from Pique tea by now, and this is one of my favorite. It tastes mild in comparison to most turmeric teas which is great as turmeric can have an overwhelmingly earthy taste. Further, I have been able to digest food much better with the combination of ginger in there. This, the earl grey, matcha, and jasmine are some of my personal treats.

Electric Turmeric Bundle
Electric Turmeric Bundle
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