English Breakfast Black

Superior blend of single estate Assam and Ceylon black teas. Bold, earthy and smooth with notes of malt. Powerhouse of theaflavins to support regularity. Clean, sustained energy to fuel your mornings – without the jitters or crash of coffee.

Earl Grey Black

Made with superior Ceylon black tea and oil of bergamot. Earthy and smooth with a hint of aromatic citrus. Theaflavins and antioxidants team up to provide effortless gut support. Slightly less caffeine than English Breakfast, but enough to propel you into midday with calm, alert focus.

Jasmine Green

Made with spring-harvested green tea, handpicked at peak freshness and infused with fresh Summer Jasmine petals. A floral delight brimming with polyphenols to nourish healthy gut microflora and support digestion. A pleasant punch of caffeine paired with l-theanine to have you sailing through the midday slump with laser-sharp focus.

Mint Green

A bright, clear and crisp green tea with less caffeine. The perfect pairing of an exquisite Japanese green tea and organic Oregon spearmint. Prebiotic properties plus catechins for supported immunity, all in one divinely minty brew.

Ginger Digestion Elixir

Spicy ginger combined with notes of sweet citrus peels, a hint of mint and licorice root. The ultimate tummy tonic inspired by ginger’s centuries-old legendary status of soothing the belly and aiding digestion. Caffeine-free to set you up for a cozy, comfy, restful night.

Hibiscus Beauty Elixir

A masterful blend of Egyptian hibiscus, mint and licorice root. Rumored to be the secret behind Cleopatra’s legendary beauty, hibiscus will reinvigorate your body while tantalizing your tastebuds. Caffeine-free so you can experience the restorative effects of a good night’s sleep.

Customer Reviews

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Easy and I can feel the goodness running through my veins.
Lovin and relaxing
Not worth the additional price.
Thank you so much fro your review Sharon! Our regular teas come out to $0.86 per cup, and for our bundles, less than $3 for 3 cups of tea per day. Some our specialty teas (like our Pu'er, Chaga, Reishi, and Sun Goddess Matcha) have twice the amount of tea in a carton than our regular teas (28 sachets per carton), but their higher prices are determined by their higher costs of production: these particular teas are some of our proudest accomplishment teas at Pique and are among the best teas on the market when it comes to quality, purity, and cleanliness. Our hand-selected sourcing, toxin screenings, and dedication to naturally grown products for these inherently rare ingredients all play a role in their price. We understand not all of our teas are for everyone, and the price is a completely understandable reason. We strive to make these teas as affordable as possible, especially since we want everyone to enjoy our teas, so I hope this insight might be a helpful explanation for why they are priced the way they are, which is only because we strive to sell the highest quality, purest, and cleanest teas you can buy. Feel free to reach out to us at teamakers@piquetea.com, if you have any other concerns or questions we can assist with. Thank you again for your review Sharon!
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