Facilitate digestion.

Tea has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural digestive fire. Black tea polyphenols (theaflavins) help keep things moving. They’re also prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome.

Power up.

Enhance your energy and performance. Black tea caffeine gives you a clean, sustained energy boost without the jitters of coffee. Plus, l-theanine for a calm, focused mind. Take charge of your day and your brainpower. What you do with them is up to you!

Robust flavor.

The bold, earthy notes of English Breakfast have been a superior morning choice for centuries for good reason. Wake up with the energizing aroma of single estate Assam and Ceylon teas. Smooth with a hint of malt.

Active Ingredients

Energizing Caffeine: HIGH (43-53mg)

Vitalizing Antioxidants: MEDIUM (206-252mg)

Calming L-theanine: MEDIUM (10-12mg)

Customers Love Pique

Customer Reviews

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So easy; so delicious!

I am drinking tea more often now that it is so easy to make. I no longer have to go to the kitchen to brew my tea with a teabag. I also like that I can take the little packets with me when I leave home, so I can have my tea at work, at a restaurant, at a friend’s home, or even on the road. Since many of the teas are also delicious cold, often all I need is my water bottle. No brewing the tea and waiting for it to cool down.

Just a good cup of tea!

Sometimes I want just plain tea, no other flavors, and this is perfect for that. I have some of the other “flavored” Pique teas, which I enjoy, but find myself reaching for this one. Just a good cup of classic tea. I really enjoy this one!


English Breakfast Black Tea

English breakfast black tea

Delicious! Thank you for providing a clean source of wonderful tasting tea.

Love this tea!

So far I’ve tried the mint green tea, earl grey, and English breakfast teas and I love them all (my fav is the earl grey). They are so convenient to travel with and can be used so easily on the go, plus the flavor is great and I love knowing I’m drinking quality tea and helping my health. Highly recommend!