Support balanced gut flora.

Our green teas have more concentrated catechins of other brands. And tea polyphenols (like catechins) are prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome. Having more good bugs makes you more likely to experience regular bowel movements, glowing skin, restful sleep and much more. Revive your cells!

Power up.

Enhance your energy and performance. The caffeine in green tea gives you a clean energy boost without the jitters of coffee. It also has more staying power, which means sustained energy and no crash. Plus, our jasmine green is loaded with the amino acid l-theanine for a calm, focused mind. Keep afternoon fatigue at bay and impress the world with your quick, sharp thinking.

Alluring flavor.

We start with spring-harvested green tea, handpicked at peak freshness. Then we infuse it FIVE times with fresh Summer Jasmine petals, which might be why the Global Tea Championships awarded this tea a gold medal, saying “flavor exceeds expectations and is far superior to the typical flavors seen in the category.” A floral delight brimming with vitalizing antioxidants.

Active Ingredients

Energizing Caffeine: HIGH (45-55mg)

Vitalizing Antioxidants: HIGH (273-333mg)

Calming L-theanine: HIGH (14-17mg)

Customers Love Pique

Customer Reviews

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Jasmine Green Mid-morning Tea

I drink Jasmine Green Tea everyday usually mid-morning. Although it’s great anytime, I discovered that I typically eat less after consuming Jasmine. When I first started the Jasmine mid-morning routine, I noticed at lunch I couldn’t comfortably finish my normal meal. I don’t know the science of it but it works for me. Jasmine is a great flavorful Tea!


I would prefer an easier package to open and dispense the product.

Nothing Better!

The only tea on the market that triple screens for heavy metals and is organic. Plus these are tea crystals, not like your traditional tea bags, which can leach microscopic pieces of plastic into the tea when you are steeping them. No steep time with the crystals, just dump into hot, warm, cool or cold water (depending on the tea you purchase) and you're set. The results for me have been amazing, I have more clarity, increased energy without the jitters of traditional coffee, increased focus and peace of mind knowing that I am putting the cleanest form of tea into my body. If you have been on the fence about trying out Pique, go for it! You won't regret it! :)

Very good

I like the taste, but even more the convenience. Just add water and stir: no timers, no steeping.

Divine! My absolute favorite!!!

I have never really been much of a tea drinker. I have always liked mint herbal teas so I thought I would give pique a try.
I am stunned at how much I Absolutely LOVE this tea!! My favorite is iced. I put one packet in my insulated water bottle with a couple ice cubes and drink all day. It is so good!! A must try!! I just a water all day, and it still has great flavor!!