Support balanced gut flora.

Brimming with exponentially more catechins that your average green tea. These catechins are prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome. Having more good bugs makes you more likely to experience regular bowel movements, glowing skin, restful sleep and much more. Revive your cells!

Power up.

Enhance your energy and performance. The caffeine in green tea gives you a clean energy boost without the jitters of coffee. It also has more staying power, which means sustained energy and no crash. Plus, l-theanine for a calm, focused mind. Keep afternoon fatigue at bay and impress the world with your quick, sharp thinking.

Clean flavor.

Made with an exquisite shade-grown Japanese tea and nothing else. Fresh and clear with grassy notes, at times reminiscent of rice. Honored with a gold medal at the 2018 Global Tea Championships: “well thought-out and executed perfectly… stands above the other teas in its category.

Active Ingredients

Energizing Caffeine: MEDIUM (31-37mg)

Vitalizing Antioxidants: HIGH (223-273mg)

Calming L-theanine: HIGH (11-14mg)

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Customer Reviews

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Convenience - yes Flavor/taste - no

I drink green tea all day long brewed from tea bags made by various companies. I prefer the flavor of those teas over the 3 varieties of Pique green teas that I tried.

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This tastes every bit as good as properly steeped Japanese green tea leaves. I was impressed!


Great tasting tea!! Absolutely love it!!

Tea without the tannic flavor

I love the Sencha Green Tea packets. It's like a richly steeped green tea but without that tannic flavor that comes from the steeping process. I also love how portable it is. I have used it both hot and cold and it helps!

Great tasting Japanese green tea

I love that this green tea dissolves in either hot or cold water. I have tried many brands of green tea and I have to admit that the flavor of Pique sencha Japanese green tea blew me away! Even when I drank it cold, I could taste the "grassiness" of the tea instead of it being a flat, bitter taste. Absolutely delicious! The individual packets make it very convenient for travel so you can have tea anytime, anywhere. The only downside is that I feel the packets are on the small side. I'd love it if I could get a 16 oz tea from one packet instead of 8 oz. It would be great if there was an option to buy the tea in bulk.