A polyphenol goldmine.

The leaves of this rare and ancient tea varietal are more concentrated in polyphenols (theaflavins) than any other tea. Theaflavins help to support digestion and gut health.

A warrior in the battle for a flourishing gut.

Precious microbiotica, naturally occurring in the plant, ferment our Tea Crystals, turning them darker with time and enriching them with probiotics. Support microbial diversity... without the sugar of kombucha.

A primordial superfood.

Roots deeper than any other tea varietal draw rich minerals, microbial diversity and precious nutrients into the tea leaves. A difference you’ll be able to taste – and feel.

Customer Reviews

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One of the best tea out there

We enjoyed & reordered the fermented black tea, and jasmine (our top favorites). My spouse is a tea drinker and was super impressed with the quality and taste. We’re definitely pleased with the quality and practicality of the crystals as well. East & quick prep time. Keep up the good work & quality products. We heard about the inception of the company though Dr. Caroline Leaf podcast ... love it.

I needed this..!

I like your tea. And I like you giving me suggestions on a nice regimen of enjoying these various tea beverages. I have always preferred tea over coffee, now, even more so.. I like to start my day with a black tea
for a little kick ,and then relax with a choice of green teas, cold, with a breath of lemon..!! And I’m ready for the day.
By the way, I am semi-retired, so I don’t have to rush my mornings. That said, I’m ready to go !! I feel like your tea and the excellent selection you have, has quite a bit too do with that.. Thanks, Bert

Love the pique tea.

The teas are so fresh and the taste is amazing. My fav is the earl grey- although I love them all.

So great.

Best tea ever. Try it. Worth the cost.


Excellent. I love the taste!