Chaga Energy Elixir

Crafted with wild-harvested chaga, burdock root and ginseng – a trifecta of energy-giving plants that burn brighter and smoother than caffeine. Woody, earthy, bitter flavor with notes of coffee. Break through the morning fog, banish fatigue and awaken your mind with this vital brew.

Your daily armor

Replete with an array of powerful antioxidants, chaga’s ability to support the immune system is legendary. Ginseng and burdock are equally revered for a daily overall wellness boost. Consider this brew an adaptogenic elixir that’ll have everyone wondering about your glow-inducing secret.

Reishi Calm Elixir

The perfect herbal nightcap, courtesy of reishi, jujube date, goji berry and monk fruit. Smooth and sweet, this elixir dissipates the stress of your day and tempers the spirit. Like an injection of calm. Unwind, relax and set yourself up for the ultimate restorative sleep.

Wind down

Reishi’s magic is like an injection of calm. It has been the most revered herb in Traditional Chinese Herbalism for centuries for good reason. Feel the hassles of the day start to fade as you sip this smoothly sweet elixir. When your zen eludes you, count on reishi to take the edge off and give you back your bliss.

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An easy way to consume medicinal plants
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Hi Candice, thank you for your review! I'm sorry that our Chaga Energy Elixir is not working out for you, but I'm glad that you are enjoying our Reishi Calm Elixir! We strive to create teas that are balanced in flavor, and your input is incredibly valuable to us. We generally recommend using 8-12 oz of water per sachet, but you can adjust this to your taste preference of course. We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, so feel free to reach out to us at so we can make this right for you. Thank you again for your very thoughtful review Candice!
Hi there Sharon! Thank you so much for your review! I'm sorry that our TCM Elixirs are not meeting your expectations. The amount of water can make a big impact on taste with our teas. We generally recommend 8-12oz of water per sachet, but you can adjust this to your liking. With that said, we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee on orders within 30 days, so please reach out to us at so we can assist you with a return and refund right away. Thank you again for your review Sharon!
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