Green (Raw) Pu’er

The result of partial fermentation, this blend is packed with catechins, amino acids and probiotics. Supports immunity and cellular health.

Black (Ripe) Pu’er

The result of transformative fermentation, this blend is packed with theaflavins, thearubigins, GABA and probiotics. Supports digestion and gut health.

Alive, fermenting, and supporting a flourishing gut.

Precious microbiotica, naturally occurring in the plant, ferment our Tea Crystals, turning them darker with time and enriching them with probiotics. Support microbial diversity... without the sugar of kombucha.

Customer Reviews

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This is so delicious and smooth. I can’t wait to make a cup in the morning!

No Steeping! No Waiting! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

Love the convenience of these cute little magical packs of tea. It's expensive though, but that's the only thing that's hard to sip on. If PIQUE's the CLEANEST out there, and definitely the easiest teas to ever make (no steeping/waiting), I'm on board! And the choices: tons of flavors/types to choose from, to take care of your specific needs. Put it in your cart - get that tea on it's way to you. You'll LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Excellent Quality

Taste is delicious & smooth and to think it is also very healthy is an absolute bonus.

Love tea but not price

Very delicious and easy. But I’m used to high quality tea where I can get multiple brews even if leaves expensive. Pique great of traveling or in pinch but not a cost effective home option.

Top quality pu'er tea

What WONDERFUL tea! I recently purchased a box of Pique green and black pu'er tea, and I am so pleased. The quality is tippy top notch, as good or better than any loose tea I've ever had, and the flavor is totally fantastic. It is clear how much care and attention Pique puts into producing these elixirs, and it is a bonus that they are portable and so easy to prepare. I will be purchasing more, for their health benefits and for the pleasure of good nourishment. Thank you!

Hi Mark! We’re so glad to hear that you’ve been enjoying our Pu'er Teas!

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Thank you again for your thoughtful review, Mark! Wishing you and your loved ones radiant health.

Pu'er Bundle
Pu'er Bundle
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