Facilitate digestion.

Tea has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural digestive fire. Black tea polyphenols (theaflavins) help keep things moving. They’re also prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome.

Power up.

Enhance your energy and performance. Black tea caffeine gives you a clean, sustained energy boost without the jitters of coffee. Plus, l-theanine for a calm, focused mind. Take charge of your day and your brainpower. What you do with them is up to you!

Robust flavor.

The bold, earthy notes of English Breakfast have been a superior morning choice for centuries for good reason. Wake up with the energizing aroma of single estate Assam and Ceylon teas. Smooth with a hint of malt.

Active Ingredients

Energizing Caffeine: HIGH (43-53mg)

Vitalizing Antioxidants: MEDIUM (206-252mg)

Calming L-theanine: MEDIUM (10-12mg)

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English breakfast Black tea
Replacement for Coffee
No more tea bags!
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