If you could only choose one...

Trying to decide between the catechins and freshness of green tea or the theaflavins and earthiness of black tea? Choose oolong. It’s semi-oxidized and falls perfectly between black and green tea with the best of both worlds: both types of polyphenols and both fresh and roasted flavor.

Glow up.

Switch your inner light on with the energizing balance of caffeine + l-theanine. Refresh your mind and awaken your senses. With catechins for daily immune support and theaflavins for digestion and gut support, you’ll be glowing and flowing your way through a balanced day.

Supercharged nutrients and flavor.

The exquisite Wuyi Mountain oolong is a cliffside variety, like the athletes of tea plants, resulting in a hardy plant teeming with vitalizing antioxidants. Earthy with roasted notes and the underlying crispness of green tea.

Active Ingredients

Energizing Caffeine: MEDIUM (39-49mg)

Vitalizing Antioxidants: HIGH (215-268mg)

Calming L-theanine: MEDIUM (11-13mg)

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Sacred Lily Oolong


Great tea, enjoy flavor

Won't be without it!!

To say that I LOVE Sacred Lily Oolong would be an understatement. I've been ordering Pique Tea for several years and Sacred Lily Oolong, Sencha Green Tea, Ginger Digestive, and the newer Fermented Pu'er Green Tea are all exceptional. I believe that the antioxidant levels and purity of green teas are very important to me, and I feel that Pique Tea is superior in both categories. Also, the convenience of having them dried and put into packets is helpful to me because I'm on airplanes constantly and I don't have to wait for my tea to steep (but it also makes having tea at home quick & easy). I keep packets of tea in my handbag, suitcase, backpack, and even a jacket pocket if necessary, and because someone is always asking me "what smells so good" I carry extra packets so I can share a with a stranger who might be interested in doing something good for themselves! If you're interested in taking care of yourself, Pique Tea should definitely be a part of your daily routine!!!

Good very good, very, very good

Good very good, very, very good

Sacred Lily Oolong

Absolutely love this tea! I've been drinking green tea, getting the organic loose leaf, for years. But since I began drinking this tea, it's like nothing I've ever had before. I love it's flavor and the way it makes me feel. I won't go back! So glad I found these teas. Thank you!