Calm, Sustained Energy.

No other type of tea delivers more l-theanine. This calming amino acid supports a deep state of mindfulness. Our Sun Goddess Matcha tea trees are shaded 35% longer for concentrated l-theanine. Experience zen inducing calm, sustained free-flowing energy, and laser-sharp focus from the unique combination of l-theanine and time released tea caffeine. Used for centuries by Buddhist monks to energize the body, calm the mind and hone your spirit.

The Ultimate Purity.

Sun Goddess Matcha is sourced from Kagoshima, Japan— the furthest point from industrial pollution, radiation, and pesticide drift. Our Organic tea farm sits high in the mountains where cool temperatures act as a natural insect repellent. To top it off, we Quadruple Toxin Screen for heavy metals, pesticides, toxic mold and radioactive isotopes. When you drink Sun Goddess Matcha every day, you’re drinking the absolute purest matcha possible to support radiant health and optimize performance.

Superior Flavor.

Our matcha is a cult favorite thanks to its unrivaled creamy umami flavor and performance benefits. Most Organic matcha isn’t “Ceremonial Grade” and most Ceremonial Grade matcha isn’t Organic— Sun Goddess matcha is both. Smooth, clean, and earthy— it delivers the same quality and flavor created by renowned teamasters for tea ceremonies in Japan.

Customer Reviews

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Best matcha!

One of the issues I've had with matcha is the sludge it leaves at the bottom of my cup, no matter how much I blend it. With Pique, there is minimal unblended matcha powder and the taste is wonderful. It's a beautiful vibrant green and stays fresh in the tin it comes in.

See ya coffee

This matcha is life changing. Didn’t start drinking it with the intent to drop coffee, but it’s been what I reach for every morning now—love the taste, the boost of focus and calm, no jitters. Tin is a great value for the quality you’re getting. Won’t go back to the sticks. #TeamPique


Sun Goddess Matcha Tin + LIMITED Pique Bamboo Scoop

need accurate measurement

the tea seems like it’s great quality but without the spoon included, it’s very unclear how much to use. at this price point, that feels unacceptable. very disappointing!

Hi Moe!

Thank you for your review! I apologize that the directions on the Sun Goddess Matcha tin are unclear. To make a mug of matcha, you can use any measuring teaspoon. 1 teaspoon is our recommendation for a 12oz mug/glass and is the equivelent of 2 grams (which is the serving size in our sachets).

With that said, please know that we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee within 30 days, so please reach out to us at if you're unhappy with your purchase, we'll be happy to help. Thank you again for your review Moe!

Top matcha

This matcha is seemingly cleanest & highest quality available. Texture is good, sifting recommended not always required. Taste good, strong, touch of typical matcha bitter but not bad. Gives you the matcha boost without long term jitters & anxiety. Expensive!!

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