If you could only choose one...

Trying to decide between the catechins and freshness of green tea or the theaflavins and earthiness of black tea? Choose oolong. It’s semi-oxidized and falls perfectly between black and green tea with the best of both worlds: both types of polyphenols and both fresh and roasted flavor.

Glow up.

Switch your inner light on with the energizing balance of caffeine + l-theanine. Refresh your mind and awaken your senses. With catechins for daily immune support and theaflavins for digestion and gut support, you’ll be glowing and flowing your way through a balanced day.

Supercharged nutrients and flavor.

The exquisite Wuyi Mountain oolong is a cliffside variety, like the athletes of tea plants, resulting in a hardy plant teeming with vitalizing antioxidants. Earthy with roasted notes and the underlying crispness of green tea.

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I have not received my order as well as Sencha and PassionFruit.

These teas are excellent; hopefully I get my complete order soon.


Probably the best Oolong I have tried. Very smooth and light flavor not overpowering at all. Love the quality and testing they do well worth the extra price.

Love it!

It is great

Sacred Lily Oolong is the BEST!

This is by far the best Oolong tea I have ever tasted. And, I have had my fair share. It is so pure and smooth, you will love it! It dissolves well in both warm and room temperature water as well. Thank you Pique! I will be ordering more in the future.

Great all around

I was looking for high phytonutrients but modest caffeine as I’m very sensitive. With the crystals I can use 1/3 of a packet in a small cup and the flavor is still rich. I make the cup around 11 am and am good for the day. Very happy with the oolong variety and price point.

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