A polyphenol goldmine.

The leaves of this rare and ancient tea varietal are more concentrated in polyphenols (catechins) than any other tea. Catechins help to support immunity and cellular health.

A warrior in the battle for a flourishing gut.

Precious microbiotica, naturally occurring in the plant, ferment our Tea Crystals, turning them darker with time and enriching them with probiotics. Support microbial diversity... without the sugar of kombucha.

A primordial superfood.

Roots deeper than any other tea varietal draw rich minerals, microbial diversity and precious nutrients into the tea leaves. A difference you’ll be able to taste – and feel.

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My go to afternoon tea

This is my go to afternoon tea when I'm working and in a thermos when I'm outside in the winter on hikes or skiing, been absolutely great to have on hand

Pu’er Green Tea


Good tea.

Enjoying them!

The best

If I had to choose one tea from the collection (and I've tried them all) this would be the one. Unlike the other green teas, this one is also gentle on an empty stomach when I make it with about 14 oz.

My Absolute Favorite Green Tea

This green tea is divine. I have been trying to have multiple cups of green tea a day for the health benefits, as well as just really enjoying a comforting cup of tea-- especially this year. I turned to the Pique brand because I loved the idea of the crystals and the quality and screening for toxins is super important to me. I have become a devotee of Pique, though, because the taste is just simply the best. The only tea brand I drink now. And this tea is probably my absolute favorite-- hard to describe but just so incredibly balanced for a green tea. The main green tea I drink throughout the day is the Jasmine Green, which I also really enjoy. And the lower price point helps when consuming multiple cups. But I've been allowing myself one cup of this daily and I so look forward to it-- think I am always going to want it on hand. Worth the splurge. Highly recommend it and the Pique line.

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