Support balanced gut flora.

Brimming with exponentially more catechins that your average green tea. These catechins are prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome. Having more good bugs makes you more likely to experience regular bowel movements, glowing skin, restful sleep and much more. Revive your cells!

Power up.

Enhance your energy and performance. The caffeine in green tea gives you a clean energy boost without the jitters of coffee. It also has more staying power, which means sustained energy and no crash. Plus, l-theanine for a calm, focused mind. Keep afternoon fatigue at bay and impress the world with your quick, sharp thinking.

Clean flavor.

Made with an exquisite shade-grown Japanese tea and nothing else. Fresh and clear with grassy notes, at times reminiscent of rice. Honored with a gold medal at the 2018 Global Tea Championships: “well thought-out and executed perfectly… stands above the other teas in its category.

Customer Reviews

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Strong opinion: BETTER than jasmine!

I started out with the Jasmine tea and I loved it... and then I got the Sencha. I'm addicted now; it's my new favorite. It tastes wonderful and it really helps with my digestion. I'm a true convert for life!

Powerful Calm in a Mug!

These teas are delicious and super convenient.
I went overboard on the sencha and now planing to go overboard on the Jasmine Green!

Do it!!!

I was unsure about purchasing tea packaged in “on-the-go” packets, but to my surprise the quality of the team is superb! I have enjoyed this Sencha Japanese green tea in the afternoon!


My absolute fav of all the green tea! It tastes amazing and is light not earthy . Love it! I Drink one everyday ! I have tried many other green teas from other company’s and this one is the only one I can drink . It’s yummy and no stomach issues !! Win win .

ten days and product still not delivered

USPS tracking shows the Pique order I placed ten days ago is still in
Jacksonville FL after ten days of transit. Be aware that delivery by USPS
can be extremely slow.

Hi David!

Thank you for your review and letting us know you have not received your package yet. We've emailed you about your order, but wanted to respond here that we checked your tracking and it shows it was delivered on 27th November, between 10:15am and 2:15pm.

Orders typically take 3-7 business days to arrive, but oftentimes they can longer especially in the case of bad weather conditions or national holidays. We are deeply sorry for the delay David. Can you please reach back out to us if your package did not arrive? We'll be happy to ensure you receive your teas or a refund, whichever you prefer. Reach out to us at anytime! Thank you again for your review David!

Sencha Japanese Green Tea
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Sencha Japanese Green Tea
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