Magic from the Mediterranean.

The sun-drenched coast of southern Italy yields an heirloom super-citrus. The rind of Calabrian Bergamot contains potent oils, revered for their mood-enhancing and digestion-supportive properties.

An energy powerhouse.

Superior English Black Tea provides a higher dose of caffeine than any other tea. Balanced with l-theanine to support sustained energy, without the jitters or the crash. The perfect jump-start to your morning.

Invigorating flavor.

Whole, ground bergamot rind brings a potent burst of citrus to the robustness of black Ceylon. Hearty, yet refreshing flavor that’s so extravagant, you’ll think it’s cheating. 

Customer Reviews

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Another Luvly tea for us All 💗

As with All of Pique teas, this one is also Luvly! You can see the little bits of pieces of bergamot and taste the bitterness. This really helps for my fasting. 😋 Thank you Pique!💗


Bergamot Black Fasting Tea


I wondered if this powder could be real tea-Surprise! It is. I am so happy that I made the decision to try this new product. It's delicious and very satisfying.

Nothing But Love❤️

This tea is truly amazing hot and cold. My husband and I drink it all day everyday! I throw a few packets in my bag and mix with water when I go out to eat! Great company to work with if you have any issues. Hibiscus will be my summer tea😍

I'm trying to like it

I believe it's good for me and I am trying to like it. I've been able to keep it down 3 times but twice I've felt very nauseous while drinking and even wretched. I think I felt good when I was able to drink it.

Hi Martha, Thank you for your feedback, we're so sorry to hear of your nausea. Our teas are highly potent compared to brewed leaves, but everyone is different from the sensitivity of the effects. There is a much higher dose of antioxidants and catechins in fasting teas as compared to regular tea. This acts as an appetite suppressant, but if you are sensitive to its effects, it will manifest as nausea. We see this all the time in appetite suppressant medications, too, where nausea occurs in about 25% of people. So the problem is that they might be working too well! If you are having this problem with our teas, we suggest slowing down their digestion by increasing your water volume to 10-12 oz, using half or a third of a sachet per cup, or drinking them after a meal. If you don' t feel an improvement, we will gladly help you with an exchange or return please reach out to us directly at so we may further assist you.
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