Power up.

Enhance your energy, focus and performance – without caffeine. Enjoyed alone or added to your favorite tea or coffee, hit the turbo-charge button with the invigorating and stimulating trio of chaga, burdock root and ginseng.

Awaken your mind.

Make drowsiness a distant memory and break through the morning mental fog. Experience a calm, laser-like focus to help you conquer those spreadsheets, crush your meetings or nail your presentation.

Your daily armor.

Replete with an array of powerful antioxidants, chaga’s ability to support the immune system is legendary. Ginseng is equally revered for a daily overall wellness boost. Consider this brew an adaptogenic elixir that’ll have everyone wondering about your glow-inducing secret.

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Chang’s energy

Didn’t like

Hi there Acension! Thank you for your valuable feedback! I'm sorry that our Chaga Energy Elixir was not what you were hoping for. If you found the flavor a bit too intense for your tastes, the amount of water used has a strong impact on the flavor. We recommend 8-12oz of water for our Tea Crystals (the size of 1 large mug), but you can use more water until your tastebuds adjust. :) We do offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee for orders within 30-days. Please feel free to reach out to us at teamakers@piquetea.com so we can make this right for you. Thank you again for your review!
Great for energy

This is my new go to tea every morning when I wake up. It really is an energizer. I just ordered another box because I do want to run out.

Liked it from the first smell.!

This is a new treat for me in that I get the aroma of mushrooms, but also a hint of the taste. Nothing overwhelming.. It has been a pleasure to relax with this warm beverage ever since “the first drop”.! 😏

Chaga Awesomer with Apple

I like Pique’s Chaga Energy Tea, and I honestly believe it gives me a bigger boost if I am really mindful of drinking it - sort of a drinking meditation :) , but I need more hours in the day for that so I tend to mix it with other things. My latest fav is Apple tea .... Yum!! Hey Pique, do you have favorite mixes? Or do you advise taking the teas individually?

Chaga Tea

Enjoying my Chaga Tea right now. I combine with cinnamon tea to make it a more healthy drink

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