Calm, steady focus.

The calming amino acid L-theanine is the quiet hero of green tea, and matcha has a robust dose. If the idea of feeling both energized and calm at the same time doesn’t make sense, it will after you try this matcha. Balanced energy. Just what you need to quell the “hangry” of fasting.

Support a clean, easy fast.

Green tea is the hack most often recommended by doctors to help you stay fasted for longer. Little wonder: it supports digestion, enhances natural energy and promotes calm. The ultimate trifecta to keep your body charged up, chilled out and more resistant to the cravings that so often derail fasting.

Ultimate flavor.

Our matcha is a cult favorite thanks to its unrivaled umami flavor. Here, it’s combined with premium Sencha green tea for a vibrant blend with notes of fresh grass and the ocean. A clean, refreshing catechin powerhouse that you’ll never want to fast without.

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I LOVE IT!! Every tea that I have purchased, I love!
Not only do they all taste great, the health benefits just add to their amazingness!!!
(Is that even a word?)

not a fan

Regretfully I must say I'm not impressed at all. For the price, even though it lacks in flavor, I had hopes it would help with energy. It did not. Too much money to try another flavor of tea.

Hi Lucretia! Thank you for your thoughtful review! I'm sorry that our Matcha Green Fasting tea is not working our for you. Our Matcha Green Fasting tea contains 48-72mg of caffeine per sachet.  Our green teas also contain a high amount of l-theanine and catechins - catechins slow the release of the caffeine in the tea, giving you a 6-hour boost of energy, and l-theanine is an amino acid that promotes mental clarity and a feeling of calmness.  So you get a long-lasting and calm energy boost, and I'm sorry to hear that this was not your experience.  We offer a customer satisfaction guarantee within 30 days, please feel free to reach out to us at so we can make this right for you. Thank you againf for the review Lucretia!
Review of Pique Matcha Green and Pique Cinnamon

Love the Pique Matcha Green and also the Cinnamon! Matcha Green in morning and cinnamon at night. Very smooth tasting, full flavor and not bitter at all. Will definitely order again.

Love this matcha!

I use this matcha during my intermittent fasting period. Helps me feel satiated and calm throughout.

Loved it as a cold tea drink

I liked this tea cold better than hot. It definitely helped me with fasting

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