Support balanced gut flora.

Brimming with exponentially more catechins that your average green tea. These catechins are prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome. Having more good bugs makes you more likely to experience regular bowel movements, glowing skin, restful sleep and much more. Revive your cells!

A gentle boost.

Less caffeine than traditional green tea, but with just enough for a clean energy boost – without the jitters of coffee. Plus, l-theanine for a calm, focused mind. Keep afternoon fatigue at bay and impress the world with your quick, sharp thinking. Enhance your energy and performance.

Crisp, clean flavor.

Bright, clear green tea made from exquisite shade-grown Japanese tea leaves. The addition of fresh, organic Oregon spearmint makes for the perfect luminous pairing. Minty fresh to awaken the senses!

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Could be more co$t effective
Hi Gail, Thank you so much for your review and for sharing your very valid concerns with us. We're sorry if our packaging options are limited at this moment in time, and with the resources we have, we do our best to minimize waste without sacrificing quality. Our boxes and cartons are made from recycled materials and are recyclable but our sachets are not at this time. The sachets are made from aluminum and plastic composite. We have tested out several packaging options in the past, but we have found that our aluminum sachets are the only effective way to fully protect our teas from moisture, light, and oxygen while producing a smaller environmental footprint than a teabag (plastic or bleached paper) and wrapper (aluminum and plastic composite like our sachets). With that said, we are planning to offer our teas in bulk in the near future. We'd ultimately like to offer in a tin can with no plastic bag inside the can. Very few manufacturers can do this given the cost of the machinery, and since we work with small farms, they don't have that capability yet. We don't see any benefit from a bag in a tin as it's messy and also quite wasteful. This is an issue that is at the very top of our minds. We take from the earth to produce healing products, leaving a pile of garbage behind that destroys the earth is very, very bothersome to us here at Pique. We have just launched bulk packaging of our Sun Goddess Matcha in a tin and we want all our products to shift to having tin can options soon. Thank you for bringing it up. We're very grateful to you for being a great, vocal and concerned customer. It's our privilege to have you. :) Please reach out to us at if there is anything we can do for you. Thank you again for your thoughtful review Gail!
Love this tea!
Good tea
Taste is good but way over priced on the website
Hi Joanne! Thank you for your thoughtful review! I'm sorry to hear that our Mint Green tea isn't working out for you. The higher prices of our teas are determined by their higher costs of production – our teas are among the best teas on the market when it comes to quality, purity, and cleanliness. Our hand-selected sourcing, toxin screenings, and dedication to organically grown products for these inherently rare ingredients all play a role into their price. We understand not all of our teas are for everyone, and price is a completely understandable reason. We strive to make these teas as affordable as possible, especially since we want everyone to enjoy our teas, so I hope this insight might be a helpful explanation for why they are priced the way they are – which is only because we strive to sell the highest quality, purest, and cleanest teas you can buy! Our online store reflects our direct-to-consumer prices. Our products sold in stores near you reflect prices sold by our Third Party Sellers (HEB, Wegman's etc.), which we don't have jurisdiction over. Often times, we notice our customers can find discounted Pique products in certain stores, which we always recommend taking advantage of where they're available. I hope this information offers some clarification for you. We also offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee within 30 days, so please reach out to us at if we can be of any help. Thank you again for your review Joanne!
Mint Green Tea
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Mint Green Tea
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