A polyphenol goldmine.

The leaves of this rare and ancient tea varietal are more concentrated in polyphenols (catechins) than any other tea. Catechins help to support immunity and cellular health.

A warrior in the battle for a flourishing gut.

Precious microbiotica, naturally occurring in the plant, ferment our Tea Crystals, turning them darker with time and enriching them with probiotics. Support microbial diversity... without the sugar of kombucha.

A primordial superfood.

Roots deeper than any other tea varietal draw rich minerals, microbial diversity and precious nutrients into the tea leaves. A difference you’ll be able to taste – and feel.

Customer Reviews

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very bitter
Hi Julie! Thank you for your feedback, we truly appreciate it! We truly apologize about any bitterness you might have experienced from our Pu'er teas. The amount of water used has a strong impact on the flavor. We generally recommend 8oz of water for our Tea Crystals (the size of 1 large mug), but I'd recommend adjusting the amount of water to your taste and try 12-16oz and see if the flavor suits you more than it has. Also, if you'd like to make iced tea with our teas, we suggest using a small amount (1oz) of hot water to dissolve the Tea Crystals first, then adding cold water and ice. Ideal hot water temperature for our green teas is 175F and for our black teas 180F, but not boiling. Water that is too hot may not only destroy polyphenols and other healthy compounds and also adversely impacts the taste of your tea. If you are still unsatisfied with this tea, we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee within 30 days, so please reach out to us at teamakers@piquetea.com so we can make this right for you Julie. Thank you again for your review!
Never tried pu-er before
Best Tea Ever! 🍵
Beauty Secret
Blown away by how good this was
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