Centenarian Longevity Tonic.

Bioavailable curcumin from the finest fermented Okinawan turmeric supports a healthy response to inflammation, healthy immune function, joint mobility, and more. Enjoy the centuries-old “secret sauce” of the world’s longest living women.

Royal Fermentation, Superior Results.

Reap the benefits of curcumin in its most bioavailable form. Okinawan turmeric is fermented using the same 300-year-old fermentation method— and liquor— enjoyed by Ryukyu Kingdom royals. Sip the synergistic effect of Okinawan rice wine (Awamori) and rare mango yeast.

Delectable Ayurvedic Wisdom.

Supercharge your health and make your taste buds smile. The transformative potential of superior fermented turmeric is magnified with masterful Ayurvedic blending. Warming ginger root and sweet cinnamon bark unlock the beneficial turmeric compounds and delight the palate.

Customer Reviews

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Yum City

I was surprised at how much I liked this tea without almond milk. so with it, please believe that it is truly electric. I got mine in the Ode to Tea box and I’m so thankful they put that together. I’m on my second reorder so time for a subscription. I found two new favs, electric turmeric and the pu’er black tea! Give them a try!

Love the flavor

Turmeric teas are very hit and miss for me, but this one tastes great, isn't too heavy and it perfect with warm coconut milk.

Doesn't Taste Great

I'm sure all the benefits of turmeric are captured in the tea crystals. However, the tea taste awful. It is hard to drink.

Hi Gabriella!

Thank you for your review! I'm so sorry to hear that our Electric Turmeric Tea is not working out for you. We strive to create a balanced flavor for all of our teas, and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us as we continue to formulate our teas.

With that said, please know that we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee, so please reach out to us at teamakers@piquetea.com so we can make this right for you. Thank you again for your review!

Order not complete

I placed an order to get access to the Detox Guide that was promised in the marketing email I received. I emailed customer service because I never received the Detox Guide. I still haven't heard back from anyone in your company. And, now you're asking me to leave a review. Go figure.

Hi Patti, thank you for your review! I'm so sorry you haven't received the email to join the fasting challenge yet! We'll be happy to get you started though! I've followed up with you via email, and included the sign up link as it looks like there was a mishap and your email did not get sent the invite to join. I'm so sorry about this, and they are working to resolve this bug. Please check your email to receive the link to signup or reach out to us again at teamakers@piquetea.com if you have any other questions we can help with, we're always happy to!

Love the Electric Turmeric tea

I’ve been making the healthy electric turmeric tea recipe with lemon juice, pepper, ACV and raw honey. It is delicious.

Electric Turmeric
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Electric Turmeric
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