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Calm energy and focus.

The calming amino acid L-theanine is lauded for its ability to support a relaxed and alert state. No tea has more l-theanine than matcha. If the idea of feeling both energized and calm at the same time doesn’t make sense, it will after you try this matcha. Balanced, sustained energy. Used for centuries by Zen monks to energize the body, calm the mind and renew the spirit.

Ecologically sourced.

Our matcha is sourced from Kagoshima, the furthest point in Japan from industrial pollution and radiation, also home to Japan’s first national park. Our tea farm is located high in the mountains where cooler temperatures are a natural insect repellant (no pesticides here!). Farms in this mountainous region are also more protected from pesticide drift. If you’re drinking something every day for its health benefits, you want it to be the purest source possible! The highest quality ceremonial grade matcha on the market is not organic, and certified organic matchas are never made according to the highest standards of ceremonial grade. That changes now.

Ultimate flavor.

Our matcha is a cult favorite thanks to its unrivaled creamy umami flavor. Fresh, clean and grassy with savory undertones. Delivers the same quality and flavor of the highest grade ceremonial matcha created by renowned teamasters for tea ceremonies in Japan. The perfect morning or after-lunch indulgence for an unrivaled antioxidant infusion. Dominate your day with jedi-like thinking and creativity.

Customer Reviews

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Match Tea

Wow! I love Match tea.... and this one is my favorite of all the ones I've tried. I put a splash of coconut milk in it, froth and ready to enjoy! Highly recommend!

Such a clean energy boost

Seriously love this tea. I feel so clear headed and energized after drinking it.

wonderful tea

love this tea!

love it so far

its delicious with coconut milk, and a tiny bit of stevia or honey

Best matcha I’ve tried!

This matcha is a serious game changer!! Gives me so much energy throughout the day and helps with my stress too! I’ve tried so many matcha brands over the years and this one is by far my favorite. Love the high quality Pique provides.

Sun Goddess Matcha
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Sun Goddess Matcha
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