Making the world's healthiest and most mindful beverage as easy to consume as water.

For 5,000 years, loose leaf tea brewed in pots has been an essential part of the Eastern health regimen. It tastes better, contains more active ingredients and leads to greater consumption. Every sip tastes good and feels beneficial, and this amazing experience reinforces the habit. Unfortunately, today's busy world makes it very challenging to do this on a daily basis, the frequency required to reap the health benefits of tea.

Pique helps everyone benefit from tea by making it easier. Easier to enjoy because it tastes better. Easier to benefit because it contains real active ingredients. Easier to prepare because it dissolves instantly.

Aside from feeling stronger, the active ingredients in tea - antioxidants, l-theanine, time release caffeine - provide energy, clarity and focus, enabling you to access your flow state or peak performance. Its no wonder Buddhist monks all over the world give up everything except for tea. Let's start a movement and help each other realize our full potential and develop the wisdom and compassion to propel human evolution forward.

Our Founder

Meet Simon Cheng

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  • Suffering from serious ailments, founder Simon Cheng embarked on a quest for inner health that led to his discovery of Cha Gao (tea paste), a 1,300 year old process for turning tea into medicine. Originating in the Himalayan foothills of Yunnan, China, Cha Gao is used by native tribes as a wellspring of vitality and energy to withstand the rigors of life in this unspoiled mountainous region.

    This primitive innovation so encapsulated the wisdom of the ancient health practices Simon developed – plant based medicine, qigong meditation, inner and outer harmony – in a convenient, accessible format that he was inspired to share it with the world. Partnering with the leading experts in tea cultivation and plant extraction, Simon invented a patented Cold Crystallization process to extract and crystallize the amazing flavor and active ingredients in tea at their maximum potential. This is the story of Pique Tea.
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  • “Pique is disrupting an industry that hasn't seen meaningful innovation for 100 years.”

    - Rob Hayes, Partner First Round Capital

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