Born in the Far East, I’ve been steeped in the world of tea since I was a child. Sampling different teas after meals was a sacred family ritual that continues today. After moving to America in my teens, life got progressively more intense. Between trying to get into good schools and high paying jobs — before I knew it, I was completely immersed in the rat race.

After graduating from Harvard, my twenties was a rotating door into doctors’ clinics for respiratory infections and skin problems. I can barely remember a length of time when I wasn’t on antibiotics or steroidal creams and nasal sprays. As a child, I was taught to always listen to the doctor and diligently take everything prescribed, but for some reason, my health never improved. 

I eventually had 3 surgeries that left me with staples in both lungs and a screw in my jaw. I celebrated my 30th birthday with a catheter going from my arm into my heart valve to administer broad spectrum antibiotics, the unintended result of a failed surgery I didn’t even need. That was my wake up call… and I vowed to take back control of my health.

Little did I know, I would also take back control of my soul.

In the years that followed, I traveled the world — from the mountains of Tibet to the heart of Indonesia and forests of the Pacific Northwest — studying with the most accomplished masters in Eastern medicine and breathwork to heal myself and learn their art. 

A scholar in Chinese literature, I simultaneously delved into the ancient wisdom in classics on medicine, breathwork and the Tao or the way.

I’ve now synthesized everything that I’ve been given into an integrated system to help you attain radiant health — the culmination of which is Pique. 

Our mission is to help everyone unlock the benefits of herbal plants and unleash our collective potential.

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