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    Lifelong Health with the World's Most Potent & Nutritious Tea*

    You’ll be hard pressed to find another tea that delivers the same benefits in a single serving. We give you better nutrient density per serving, than any other tea on the market.

    And when you consider our patented green technology – Cold Brew CrystallizationTM – which is simply the most effective way to extract the powerful active ingredients in tea and superplants ever invented.

    This is more than a tea or superfoods product. This is organic whole foods with nothing added. You can now unlock the benefits of tea to unleash your innate potential.

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    Vitalizing Antioxidants

    Tea is full of super-powered tea antioxidants called catechins that boost vitality and support immunity. They counteract inflammation and help fight bacteria and infections. While you drink tea, catechins are working behind the scenes to make you healthier and address imbalances before they get serious.

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    Time-Release Caffeine

    Pique delivers slow release caffeine without the jitters of coffee. Caffeine in tea is bound to antioxidants which are harder to breakdown. Their slow uptake by your body creates a time release effect providing sustained energy that lasts 4-6 hours, without the crash of coffee.

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    Calming L-theanine

    Tea contains lots of beneficial amino acids, but L-theanine in particular stimulates alpha activity in the brain, resulting in a state of calm concentration or mindfulness. In Pique, L-theanine and caffeine work together to provide Energy, Clarity and Focus.

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Patented Cold Brew Crystallization

Vitalize. Detoxify. Energize. With Every Sip.

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    Premium tea sourced at peak freshness

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    Low temperature brewing

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    Lock in crystal form

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    Preserve maximum activity

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