Meet our People.

History / Business Major.


Meditator. Skier.

Meet Simon
Never in my entire educational and professional career have I felt greater reward than working at Pique. Why? The people I’m surrounded with everyday challenge me to grow, to learn and to be the best I can be in the creation and fulfillment of our collective dreams. That’s all I ever wanted in my career, and that’s what I’ve been given here.

Law / Nutrition Major.

Wellness Educator.


Meet Jessica
All I’ve ever wanted to do is help people feel better. Pique has enabled me to do that on a bigger scale than I ever imagined possible.

Supply Chain Major.

Supply Chain Manager.


Meet Fiona
I’m so excited about the challenges that I'm given at Pique and my growing ability to solve them. Leadership is constantly helping me to be better.
Political Economy Major.

Market Research.


Meet Alyssa
Working at Pique has allowed me to grow more than I ever have in my professional career. I feel very fortunate to be working alongside a team of brilliant people on a mission to change the world. I have the autonomy to own my role and career trajectory within the company, do work I’m deeply passionate about, and make a real contribution to the world. The opportunities are endless!

Photography Major.

Content Creator (part-time).


Meet Lauren
Working at Pique has been incredibly inspiring for me and it’s really wonderful to be working around a group of people who care deeply about your personal development.
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