Joined Pique



Shanghai, China


University of Maryland
College Park / Supply Chain Major


I like trying all kinds of different cuisines. I was into baking but gave up because no one can finish the desserts I made

I’m originally from Shanghai where international commerce is part of our history. This is why I’ve always wanted to be involved in international trade, and why I studied supply chain.

My 1st and 2nd jobs were both focused on supply chain in the apparel and consumer electronics industries. But I like the food industry best. Not only because I love exploring different flavors of ingredients, but because I can help customers improve their health with tea.

One thing I’ve realized is honor transcends all people and when you speak the language of trust, all doors open to you. Whether building partnerships, managing highly complex projects or negotiating with people spanning 5 of the 7 continents on the planet! Each of our suppliers have different styles and customs. I’m very excited to have cultivated partnerships across these different cultures. The lessons have been valuable. Pique has helped me grow tremendously as a leader and businesswoman.

I really like finding delicious new foods and am always in search for restaurants to add to my list. I also like traveling overseas to experience new cuisines and cultures in person.

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