Joined Pique



Hong Kong


Harvard University/History Major
Stanford University/MBA


Alpine and backcountry skiing, mountain-biking, breathwork

My hometown of Hong Kong is a fascinating place, constantly ebbing in the cross-currents between the East and West. From a young age, I was exposed to the differences not just between Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine, but Eastern and Western approaches to diet and wellness.

My background is in finance. Specifically I worked at a hedge fund in Hong Kong, led business development for a media company in Shanghai then attended business school. I always wanted to build my own business and my crazy health journey led me to start Pique.

Everyday presents new challenges and rewards. I’m constantly growing and improving. Sometimes it’s a matter of choice, and others, it’s a matter of survival. The stimulation is never short of thrilling. Most importantly, we have a tremendous vision based on tea and a profound mission rooted in compassion. Everyday, we’re healing people. With every $ of sales, someone gets healthier. Few pursuits in life match this.

I love to ski and I love it even more when I improve at it. Each season, I make an effort to ski with people far better than myself (ex-Olympians, national team coaches) so that every turn I make, helps me be a better skier. I also love being in the woods amongst trees and will find every opportunity to visit them, sit with them and breathe with them. After moving to LA, I started mountain biking up and down the Santa Monica mountains in the warm months.

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