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Limited Time Offer: Complimentary matcha whisk and scoop when you buy 2+ tins.

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Save 10% On Ultimate Fasting Bundle!


Made in Collaboration with Dr. Jason Fung

"Pique offers a unique tea blend to make fasting easier and more enjoyable. Their teas extract antioxidants to preserve the inherent power of tea and naturally provide satiety."

Jason Fung, MD, FRCP(C)

Author, The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting

Why Our Teas Are Unique

More than 9500+ Five Star Reviews

"When I switched my black cold brew coffee to the ginger fasting green tea, my energy level improved and my overall calmness was MUCH better than it was when having coffee. I already had a pretty good handle on dealing with hunger, but I did find that I wasn't as hungry when drinking this tea in the mornings. I don't want to be without it! I love it!!!"

Sara B. - Verified Buyer

"I have been drinking this tea for two weeks now during my fasting periods/days. Not only is it delicious, it also helps satiate. The matcha is my favorite, but the ginger is great too. I broke a 72-hour fast this morning (my first) - definitely think the fasting teas helped throughout the three days."

Jill - Verified Buyer

Both Fasting Teas have helped me to sustain 24 to 32 hour fasts for the purpose of health and weight maintenance. I've fasted for much longer years ago but have had difficulty fasting as long as 24 hours more recently. The tea has helped me keep my energy level steady with minimal hunger. They're pleasant tasking and quick and easy to prepare. I highly recommend them.

Martha - Verified Buyer

Loved by Thousands of Customers




1 Carton Cinnamon Herbal
$36 each
1 Carton Ginger Green
$38 Each
1 Carton Matcha Green
$38 Each
1 Carton Bergamot Green
$38 Each
1 Carton Bergamot Black
$38 each
1 Carton Ginger Green
1 Carton Matcha Green
1 Carton Cinnamon Herbal
Savings: $9 + Free S&H (US Only)
$112 $103
1 Carton Ginger Green
1 Carton Matcha Green
1 Carton Bergamot Black
1 Carton Bergamot Green
1 Carton Cinnamon Herbal
Savings: $19 + FREE S&H (US ONLY)
$188 $169



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Our Risk-Free Order Guarantee

If, for whatever reason, you don't love our tea, it's on us.

Return any unused cartons within 30 days for a full refund— no questions asked. 

Just email teamakers@piquetea.com and we'll take care of you.

How Does It Taste?

How Does It Taste?

Pique broke a record and won 3 Gold Medals out of 3 submissionsat the 2018 Global Tea Championships - in a blind taste of the finest loose leaf teas submitted from around the world.

"There were very few gold place winners, a gold medal winning tea is reserved for the cream of the crop, the best of the best. Not only does Pique taste exactly like loose leaf tea, to find out it comes packed with all the same antioxidant properties of leaf tea makes it a homerun! I have even fooled some of my tea snob friends who thought it was fresh brewed loose leaf tea.”

Scott Svihula
Professional Judge, Global Tea Championships


"When should I drink the teas?"

Morning Fasters 

Ginger Green - morning (soothe digestion, increase satiety, calm)
Matcha Green - afternoon with meal (increase satiety, facilitate fasting goals)
Cinnamon Herbal - evening after meal (increase satiety, soothe digestion, calm)

Evening Fasters

Matcha Green - morning with meal (soothe digestion, increase satiety, calm)
Ginger Green - afternoon with meal (increase satiety, facilitate fasting goals)
Cinnamon Herbal - evening (increase satiety, soothe digestion, calm)

Longer Fasters

Matcha Green - consume w food or around eating window, high caffeine
Ginger Green - consume in AM or afternoon w our without food, med caffeine
Cinnamon Herbal - consume anytime during fasting window, caffeine-free

"What's the difference between these Fasting Teas and Pique's other teas?"

Our Fasting Teas have been developed together with Dr. Jason Fung, the world-leading expert and 2-time no.1 bestselling author on fasting. These teas have been specifically formulated to help support the fasting experience. They are a blend of organic green teas and a variety of organic plants, roots and herbs specifically chosen to facilitate your fasting journey and make the process easier.

"When should I drink each of the Fasting Teas?"

The Ginger Green Fasting Tea can be used during either your fasting window or your eating window. For people who have stomach sensitivities, we recommend drinking your Matcha Green Fasting Tea during your eating window. If you never had any issues, drinking it during fasting is perfectly fine. In fact, we've added peppermint so that it is even more suitable for drinking on an empty stomach to cater to those with stomach sensitivity. 

"Why is there a new serving size for the Cinnamon Herbal when it costs roughly the same price?"

The serving size has been reduced from 12oz to 8oz in response to valuable customer feedback. No more opening the stick and using half of it.

The price of one blend cannot be compared to the next simply based on serving size. The availability and costs of ingredients, how exotic they are and how far we must venture to source them all play a role. Generally speaking, herbal teas are far more expensive to produce than regular teas simply because there is a large availability of different types and grades of teas and very limited availability of specialty herbs and plants from around the world.

"How Much Caffeine Does Each Serving Have?"

Our Fasting Matcha Green has 60mg of caffeine per serving while our Fasting Ginger Green has 41mg per serving. Our Cinnamon Herbal Fasting is caffeine-free.

"Can The Tea Crystals Dissolve in Cold/Hot Water?"

Our Matcha Fasting Tea is hot water-soluble only while our Ginger Green Fasting Tea and Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea is both hot and cold water-soluble. Avoid using boiling water as it destroys the delicate tea flavor. We recommend 170 F for hot water. 

"Are The Tea Crystals Allergen-Free?"

All our teas are gluten-free. They are also made in a gluten-free facility and are free from tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, shellfish, and soy (unless specified on the ingredient label).

"Why Is Organic and Triple Screening So Important?"

Most “traditional” tea you find in the market contain harmful chemicals like resin, nylon, thermoplastic, PVC or polypropylene! We adhere to a higher USDA Organic level and also Triple Toxin Screen all our Tea Crystals for heavy metals, pesticides and toxic mold commonly found in tea leaves.

"How Much Is Shipping within the United States?"

We offer free shipping and handling on all Fasting Bundles within the United States only. For a single box, shipping is $7.95.

"Do You Ship Internationally?"

Yes, we do ship internationally to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. International Shipping ranges from $15-$22 depending on your location. For Canadian customers, we can also be bought online on NaturaMarket.com.

"Are These Available In Stores?"

No, our Fasting Teas are online exclusive.

"Do You Offer Free Samples?"

Unfortunately, no. These Fasting Teas are made of very limited quantity. High catechin teas are very rare and expensive to find, and due to stock limitation, we are unable to provide free samples.

"Why are you no longer offering the challenges for free?"

We've offered 6 challenges (Fasting, Gut Health, Breathwork) for free this year at absolutely no cost. We engaged with and helped improve the health of hundreds of thousands of people in our community.

Any purchase of our Fasting Teas will give you FREE access to our Dr. Jason Fung Fasting Tea Challenge in September 2019. While this is the ultimate goal of our mission-based company, the massive drain on our small but dedicated team during these challenges has made it impossible for us to provide the level of care and concern to our loyal customers that we hold ourselves to. This change will only improve the quality of the experience we can provide.

Meet Pique's Founder

Hi! I'm Simon. I’ve been steeped in the world of tea since I was born. A native of Hong Kong, I grew up drinking tea instead of soda. Tasting different teas after each meal with my parents and grandparents were a sacred family ritual (my grandad turns 103 this year!) After moving to the US in my teens, life got intense. Between getting into top schools and grinding in finance jobs, I abandoned the health rituals of my youth. In my 20’s, I developed one medical problem after another and had 3 hospitalizations involving surgery. The last one left me with an infection requiring 3 months of intravenous antibiotics to recover from! After that, I said never again and took back control of my health.

This was the beginning of a 10-year health quest that took me around the world to study with the most accomplished Eastern health masters and breathwork experts around the world - from the mountain ranges of Tibet to the heart of Indonesia and the Chinese diaspora in the Pacific Northwest! Majoring in Chinese history at Harvard, then studying literature and philosophy in Beijing, I accessed the knowledge in Eastern classics on health, meditation and Daoist philosophy thousands of years old.

I’ve now synthesized everything I learned into an integrated approach to health and performance combining herbal plants and breathwork. The culmination of which is Pique. Tea is the most natural and sustainable path to radiant health. I consume tea every day with minimal effort, maximum health benefits, and want to help everyone do the same.

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