Healers Circle FAQ

Joining The Healers Circle is easy! Simply click here to create your Pique Tea account. If you already have a Pique Tea account, you are automatically a member of the Healers Circle and do not need to sign-up again. You can access your Healers Circle Dashboard at any time by logging into your Pique Tea account.

Yes. If you have a Pique Tea subscription, you are automatically enrolled in The Healers Circle and do not need to sign-up again.

All members of the Healers Circle begin their membership with zero acorns. If you are a new member, or were automatically enrolled without a membership level, you must gather acorns to ascend the membership levels— Forager, Healer, and Sage— and gain access to the exclusive membership benefits.

If you were automatically enrolled in the Healers Circle at a Forager, Healer, or Sage membership level, it was based on your purchase activity over the last 12 months. This means you have gained access to members-only privileges, but will still need to gather acorns to ascend to a higher level or trade in for accessories.

There are 3 ways to gather acorns:

  1. Share Pique with your friends and family

  2. Make a Purchase or Subscribe on piquetea.com

  3. Build Community in the Pique Healers Circle

For more information about each of these and to learn how many acorns you can gather per action, visit the “Gather Acorns” section in your Healers Circle Dashboard.

Members-only privileges are exclusive experiences, curated accessories and unique benefits available only to members of The Healers Circle. By gathering acorns and ascending membership levels, you unlock access to more members-only privileges. Visit the “Your Accessories” and “Privileged Benefits” sections of your Healers Circle Dashboard to learn more and to view your eligible experiences, accessories, and benefits

You can log into your Pique Tea account from any page on piquetea.com by clicking the “Log In” link in the upper right corner of the page. After you log into your Pique Tea account, simply click the “Healers Circle” button on the left hand side of the page to access your Healers Circle Dashboard.

To ascend to the Forager membership level, you need to gather 9,000 acorns per calendar year.

To ascend to the Healer membership level, you need to gather 11,000 acorns per calendar year.

To ascend to the Sage membership level, you need to gather 13,000 acorns per calendar year.

You can share Pique with friends and family using your unique referral link found under the “Gather Acorns” section of your Healers Circle Dashboard. They will receive free shipping on their first order and you will gather 1,000 acorns.

For each month you’re awarded one of the following 3 badges in our Healers Circle Facebook Group, you’ll be given 100 acorns. Facebook automatically assigns badges to members. Your badge status is reviewed on the 15th of each month. We’ll automatically add acorns to your account so you don’t have to worry about it. Please note that each badge expires on a monthly basis so you'll have to keep your engagement going to maintain your badge.

Rising Star: Recognizes new members within their first month in the the group. The rising star badge will appear for new members that receive the most comments and reactions on their posts and comments.

Conversation Starter: Recognizes members who start meaningful group discussions. This badge will appear for members whose posts receive the most likes and comments in the past month.

Visual Storyteller: Recognizes members for unique contributions to the community can help spark conversation within the community. The visual storyteller badge appear for members who share photos or videos that group members engage with in the past month.

Your Healers Circle Dashboard is your destination for everything you need regarding your Healers Circle membership. From here, you can track your membership level, monitor recent activity, trade in acorns for eligible accessories, and more.

When a product is returned, all acorns gathered from that purchase will be deducted from your membership account when the return is processed.

Once you gather enough acorns, you can start trading them in for accessories of your choosing. You can view and select all eligible accessories in the “Your Accessories” section of your Healers Circle Dashboard.

Unfortunately, Healers Circles accessories cannot be returned or exchanged for acorns, cash, products or e-gift certificates.

Acorns expire after two years.

Healers Circle Benefits