Introducing: The Healers Circle

We are a self-selecting community of healers and seekers— a diverse group, united by our shared quest for radiant health and higher consciousness. We believe in harnessing the power of plants to unlock our innate potential for transformation. Through continued growth and learning, we seek to lift the collective wellbeing of our global community.

We are Foragers.

We are Healers.

We are Sages.

We are the Healer’s Circle

We invite you into the inner sanctum. Where your commitment to these core values elevates your standing and unlocks access to exclusive, members-only rewards and experiences.

How it Works

Transformation isn’t linear. Neither is our Rewards System.

The Healer’s Circle is a unique type of rewards program whereby your loyalty level is advanced, not only by the number of dollars spent, but also by the number of hearts warmed, minds opened and friends made.

When you join The Healer’s Circle, you become eligible to gather acorns, advancing you to higher loyalty levels within the circle: Forager, Healer, and Sage. When you reach a new tier, you unlock privileged perks— from higher acorn-earning potential, to globally curated gifts and tea accessories, to exclusive educational experiences.


Healers Circle Rewards






5 Acorns Per Dollar Spent

7 Acorns Per Dollar Spent

10 Acorns Per Subscription Dollar

Exclusive Product Launches

First Access to Health Curriculum

Free Shipping

Fireside Chat with Founder

Fireside Chat with Health Experts

Reward Yourself

A Curated Collection of Members-Only Accessories + Perks

We personally scoured the globe for the finest products and accessories to enhance your tea-drinking ritual. Every unique gift you receive as an exclusive member of the Healer’s Circle is something that we personally tested and deemed the absolute best.

As a member of The Healer’s Circle you also unlock exclusive access to experiential perks such as fireside conversations with our founder and expert partners, free access to our health curriculums, waived shipping fees, and more.


Still have questions? Visit The Healer’s Circle FAQ page.