Unlock The Benefits. Unleash Our Potential.

For 5,000 years, loose leaf tea brewed in pots has been an essential part of the Eastern health regimen. Every sip delivers potent polyphenols, tastes great and this amazing experience reinforces the habit. Unfortunately, today's busy world makes it difficult to brew loose leaf tea on a daily basis – the quality and frequency required to experience tea's powerful health benefits and life prolonging effects.

Pique has made the most Effective, Pure and Easy-to-Use tea on the market so you can unlock its benefits. As we and those around us experience stronger health, a clearer mind and an enhanced connection between the two, we will begin to unleash our inner potential collectively.

  • Simon-Cheng
  • Suffering from a string of serious health problems in his 20s, Simon embarked on a 3 year health quest to master the usage of Eastern medicinal plants and medicinal breathwork that led to his discovery of Cha Gao (tea paste) – a 1300 year old process for turning tea into medicine. Originating in the foothills of the Himalayas, Cha Gao is used by the indigenous tribes as a wellspring of vitality and energy to withstand the rigors of life in this remote and mountainous region.

    This primitive innovation so encapsulated the wisdom of the ancient health philosophy Simon practiced, he made it his mission to share it with the world... and Pique was born.