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Access a community of top affiliates when you join!

Minimum 5K social followers or 5K email subscribers

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I'm proud to be a Pique Partner! By providing resources, they make it super effortless to earn commissions. Not many other affiliate programs are like this and I truly recommend them!


Low Carb Yum


I have really enjoyed my partnership with Pique Tea! They always make it super easy for me, and my audience loves the products.


Wholesom Yum


Pique makes it so easy for affiliates like me! Their marketing effectively explains the convenience and superior quality of the tea. When I introduced Pique Tea to my followers, their response exceeded my expectations! High-quality + convenience + strong commissions have solidified my long-term relationship with this company!

Dr. Becky Gillaspy

Dr. Becky Fitness


I've been a Pique Partner for over a year now for good reason! Their responsiveness is commendable and new promos every month makes it fun and exciting!

Marc Ryan

Hashimoto's Healing

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