This program is right for you if you are looking for

  • Crystal clear mental focus
  • Enhanced digestion
  • Better mood
  • Clearer skin
  • Clean, sustained energy

In just 7 days, you'll learn how to

  • Benefit from intermittent fasting
  • Achieve your intermittent fasting goals
  • Remain fasted for longer while sustaining energy
  • Increase satiety so you can better manage your cravings

About Your Program Host

My name is Jessica and I'm a certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer. I also have a law degree from Berkeley but that's not why you're here ;) I mention that to share with you that my poor body and I have been through some stressful times indeed. I've spent the past 8 years as a wellness coach, where it's my passion to help others heal from the stressors of our daily lives.

My personal health struggles started in my late teens with an undiagnosed autoimmune condition and progressively worsened through my 20's and early 30's as I battled with chronic joint and muscle pain, overweight, adrenal fatigue, gluten sensitivity and a cornucopia of distressing health issues.

Today, at the age of 40, I can honestly say I have never felt stronger, healthier or more energetic. I spend my free time hiking, riding or climbing up the mountains I only dreamed of during most of my life. There's no magic pill, but I am a huge advocate of intermittent fasting and can attest to the radical changes it has provided for my clients. I decided to start working with Pique after I discovered their teas and found that 1 month of drinking them healed my gut microbiome in a way I never thought possible.

Recommended By Health Experts

"Intermittent fasting is an ancient weight loss technique I’ve prescribed to thousands of patients. To help clients regain their health, I’ve partnered with Pique to offer a unique tea blend to make fasting easier and more enjoyable.

Pique’s patented Cold Brew Crystallization process extracts antioxidants to preserve the inherent power of tea and a proprietary blend of essences that naturally provide satiety."

Jason Fung, MD, FRCP(C)
Author, The Obesity Code and The Complete Guide to Fasting #1 World expert in Intermittent Fasting

“If you know me, you know I’m a fan of fasting and also a fan of green tea - not only for providing supporting gut health, energy and vitality, but also as a great way to satiate the appetite.”

Ben Greenfield
NY Times Bestseller
Top 100 Most Influential People in Health and Fitness

“Teas are great for supporting your fasting efforts! I drink Pique Fasting Teas during my fasts. EGCG, found in green teas, also help create the feeling of satiation. Pique Fasting Teas are super effective at supporting your fast due to their naturally occurring catechins and polyphenols.”

Thomas DeLauer
As seen on TV, Ironman, FitnessRX
Celebrity Fitness Coach

Fasting Program Testimonials

Ginger Green Fasting Tea

We start with a proprietary high-catechin blend of green tea to aid digestion, boost energy and support your fasts – just like the monks have done for 100’s of years. The addition of ginger, citrus peels, licorice and peppermint works to soothe your tummy and awaken your senses so you never feel deprived during your fasting window.

Matcha Green Fasting Tea

Take a high-catechin blend of green tea, add it to the world’s purest ceremonial grade matcha and you’ve got a virtual l-theanine bomb to chill you out. Bye-bye fasting stress, hello zen. And hello longer fasting windows! When you conquer the toughest part of fasting – the mental challenge – you’ll find the whole process easier.

Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea

Cozy, comforting and caffeine-free so you can snuggle up to a cup during those snack-prone evening hours. Cinnamon helps support healthy blood sugar levels while burdock root and bergamot provide antioxidants, robust flavor and relaxation. Rounded out with spearmint to increase satiety, it’s no wonder this brew has become a “fast” favorite.

Earl Grey

Tea has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural digestive fire. And black tea polyphenols (theaflavins) help keep things moving. They’re also prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome.

Mint Green

A bright, clear and crisp green tea with less caffeine. The perfect pairing of an exquisite Japanese green tea and organic Oregon spearmint. Prebiotic properties plus catechins for supported immunity, all in one divinely minty brew.

Ginger Digestion Elixir

Spicy ginger combined with notes of sweet citrus peels, a hint of mint and licorice root. The ultimate tummy tonic inspired by ginger’s centuries-old legendary status of soothing the belly and aiding digestion. Caffeine-free to set you up for a cozy, comfy, restful night.

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7 Day Fasting Program

Stellar Tea!!

Enjoy the tea. BUT spending a lot of money for a program, would have LOVED and appreciated a real printed copy of the 7 day program with it!!! 98 pages I have to print!!!!

Amazing teas!

I love these teas. They have a lot of flavor mix easy. Some are also cold water dissolving which changes the flavor for a different experience. I drink a lot of tea but these are even quicker to skip brew time.


I would love to have had the opportunity to give a real review but unfortunately I have not been able to try your product. I paced my order on November 27th and it’s December 13th and still no sign of my purchase. The tea is probably good but the shipping and handling needs to be improved greatly. I can’t even track my order! I will wait another few days and may have to cancel this and request a refund..... so sad. Wanted to start a the fasting prior to the holidays....

Hi Patricia, thank you for your review. I'm so sorry your order has not arrived yet, but I'm happy to assist. We emailed you regarding the details of your order, but in the meantime, I reviewed your order's tracking, and it looks like your package is still in transit.

We’re seeing severe delays with all carriers due to a perfect storm of factors: 1) recovery from strained infrastructure due to mail-in ballots, 2) surge in COVID cases and increase in related safety precautions, 3) unprecedented volume of online purchasing due to store closures. This has led to significant service disruptions, particularly with USPS. This is not a perfectly consistent bottleneck, so please understand that some orders may be shipped smoothly while others are severely delayed, with everything in between.

We thank you for your kind patience and understanding during this time. If you do not receive your order by the end of the day on December 14th, would you follow up with us at and please let us know? We'll be happy to assist further and ensure you receive your teas. I apologize again for this delay, but I hope this information helps! Thank you again for your review Patricia!

What a great combination: Tea & Knowledge!!

I love adding Pique Tea to my fasts especially knowing the tea adds additional health benefits to my fasts. The evenings are much easier when the warmth of cinnamon curbs my appetite and satisfies my pallet. However, the best part of purchasing the Fasting Program are the interviews with Dr. Fung! SO worth it! You will learn how to tweak your fasting program, no matter what level you are at, to make this a lifestyle!

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