Magic from the Mediterranean.

The sun-drenched coast of southern Italy yields an heirloom super-citrus. The rind of Calabrian Bergamot contains potent oils, revered for their mood-enhancing and digestive properties.

A smooth boost.

A proprietary blend of high-catechin green tea helps support balanced gut microflora and smooth digestion. With a moderate dose of caffeine, green tea is the perfect midday brew to carry you through the afternoon and ward off fasting fatigue, without disrupting your zzz’s.

Distant lands collide.

Grassy, herbaceous notes of spring-harvested Japanese green tea come to life with an explosion of Italian citrus. A refreshing fusion of otherworldly flavors.

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Pretty Good!
Delicious tea
Bergamot Green Fasting Tea
Too Bitter.:((
Hi Eva! Thanks so much for your very thoughtful review! I apologize that our Bergamot Green Fastitng tea is not working out for you due to the bitterness. I've sent your review to our team to consider your request, and your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. Please reach out to us at teamakers@piquetea, as even though this is an international order, we would like to make this right for you Eva. We look forwrad to hearing from you! Thank you again for your thoughtful review!
Bergamot Green Tea
Hi Jan​, Thank you so much for your thoughtful review! We’ve intentionally formulated our Bergamot Fasting Teas to taste bitter with the use of whole-ground Bergamot Orange rind, the most bitter part of the fruit. Bitter foods are beneficial because they activate our bitter taste receptors located on our tongue and throughout our digestive system. When activated, these receptors have been shown to help manage cravings, increase satiety, aid digestion, and support healthy blood sugar levels. We understand the flavor can taste intense if you are not used to consuming bitter foods. The amount of water used has a strong impact on the flavor. We recommend 8-12oz of water with our teas, but if the flavor is too strong, I'd recommend using more water until your tastebuds adjust to the flavor. Of course, we offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee on our teas within 30 days. Please contact us at for instructions to do this. Thank you again for your review Jan.
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