Passion Fruit Green

Give your senses a mini-vacation, right at your desk. We start with crisp, clear sencha green tea made from exquisite Japanese tea leaves, for your daily dose of antioxidants. What you’ll taste is the exotic, tantalizing notes of natural passion fruit flavor. Hydrate like an islander!

Mint Green

Bright, clear green tea made from exquisite shade-grown Japanese tea leaves. The addition of fresh, organic Oregon spearmint makes for the perfect luminous pairing. Minty fresh to awaken the senses!

Jasmine Green

Made with spring-harvested green tea, handpicked at peak freshness and infused with fresh Summer Jasmine petals. A floral delight brimming with polyphenols to nourish healthy gut microflora and support digestion. A pleasant punch of caffeine paired with l-theanine to have you sailing through the midday slump with laser-sharp focus.

Rooibos Vitality Elixir

If you’re sensitive to the natural tannins found in most tea, rooibos is your new best friend. It’s so gentle on the stomach, folks in South Africa (the only place rooibos grows) will give it to colicky babies.

Earl Grey Black

Tea has been used for centuries to support the body’s natural digestive fire. And black tea polyphenols (theaflavins) help keep things moving. They’re also prebiotic, which means they support the good bugs in your microbiome.

Peach Ginger Black

The prebiotic properties of black tea theaflavins help to promote healthy gut flora while also helping you get more regular. We added ginger not just for the spicy kick, but for its legendary ability to soothe the belly from distress and also support digestion.

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