Ginger Green Fasting Tea

We start with a proprietary high-catechin blend of green tea to aid digestion, boost energy and support your fasts – just like the monks have done for 100’s of years. The addition of ginger, citrus peels, licorice and peppermint works to soothe your tummy and awaken your senses so you never feel deprived during your fasting window.

Matcha Green Fasting Tea

Take a high-catechin blend of green tea, add it to the world’s purest ceremonial grade matcha and you’ve got a virtual l-theanine bomb to chill you out. Bye-bye fasting stress, hello zen. And hello longer fasting windows! When you conquer the toughest part of fasting – the mental challenge – you’ll find the whole process easier.

Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea

Cozy, comforting and caffeine-free so you can snuggle up to a cup during those snack-prone evening hours. Cinnamon helps support healthy blood sugar levels while burdock root and bergamot provide antioxidants, robust flavor and relaxation. Rounded out with spearmint to increase satiety, it’s no wonder this brew has become a “fast” favorite.

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First thoughts:

To early to tell but my first reaction of the 3 I tried is this:
Not much flavor at all with just one packet in a cup of hot water.
I think that there would be more flavor by putting 5 fresh peppermint leaves in the hot water and there by getting more flavor into the water than even 2 or 3 packets of this very expensive tea.
I think I will send it back for a refund and stick with just plane old hot water in the tea cup which has about as much flavor a one packet of this kind of tea unfortunately.

Hi Rod! Thank you for your feedback, we're sorry to hear you are not enjoying your fasting bundle! For optimal taste we recommend using 12oz of water for the Green fasting Teas and 8oz of water for the Cinnamon. I hope this helps, if you are still not satisfied please reach out to us directly at so we can assist you with an exchange or return on any tea purchased within the past 30 days.
Loving my tea

I am grateful that I was able to purchase this tea and see or feel a difference immediately.


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Great taste

Excellent cup of tea!! No guess work! Tastes great cold or hot.

Gross "tea"

Both the types I tried tasted like mint and not tea.

Hi Liz, our fasting teas have a unique flavor and taste from their clinically designed formula of organic ingredients to help support your satiety and fasting goals. We're sorry if this has been less than what you've expected with your purchase, but we hope to help in any way we can to improve your satisfaction. This is our highest priority, and if we can assist you with this, please feel free to message us anytime. Thank you for your feedback, and we hope to hear from you soon.
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