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    Free of preservatives, fillers, gluten, grains and dairy

  • KETO

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    Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Not happy with this tea

Out of all the teas this just does not taste good! Plus very costly.
I can not make myself drink when I have much better choices!!! Other then this tea I love Pique Teas

Hi Ellen! Thank you so much for writing in! We're so sorry to hear our Sun Goddess Matcha isn't working out for you. As always, we'd be happy to offer you an exchange or refund if you're not satisfied with it. Based on my own experience with our teas, I've found our Sun Goddess Matcha to be more delicate in flavor during the mixing process than the rest. Matcha has much more of an acquired taste in general, but getting it 'just right' can be hard. Water amount, volume, and type affect the flavor in all of our tea mixes, but with our Matcha, it's inherently difficult to find what tastes best for you. Too much water will make its creaminess diluted, but not enough will make it very bitter. If the water is too cool, it affects the flavor, but if it's too hot, the leave crystals can be damaged. Not to mention, water type can affect the flavor of the matcha very easily, which took me personally a while to realize! One extra factor to our Sun Goddess Matcha is that I think it's important to experiment a little to find what works for you. For me, I love matcha because it gives me sustained energy throughout my day and it's natural l-theanine reduces my anxiety and increases my focus. However, if I have it with just hot water, it's always too bitter for me, and I hate adding sugar to it because I don't think sugar should be a solution for a drink's taste. I've found that for my preference, I love matcha the most as a latte. For instance, I personally like to pour 1 oz. of hot water into a large (8-10oz.) mug, then add 1 oz. of room temperature water so that the water isn't too hot to damage the leaves in the mix. I then add in the matcha packet with some honey, mix it very thoroughly and let it dissolve as I heat up 6-8 oz. of whole milk or almond milk until it's too hot to touch. Because I don't have a milk steamer, I use my blender to froth up the milk as much as possible, then I pour it into my mug and give it a stir. I find instead of just water, the frothy milk tastes great with the matcha's natural creaminess, and the honey accents the green tea leaf flavor and takes away the bitterness. This is something I find that works for me, so I thought it might be worth sharing. :) I hope this helps, Ellen! We're sorry if our Matcha wasn't the right fit for you, and we appreciate you letting us know! Feel free to contact us at teamakers@piquetea.com anytime if you're still unsatisfied, and we'll be happy to help you on an exchange or refund. Thanks so much and take care! To your health, Beau
Good but too much money

This is good but most middle class families can truely not afford spending this kind of money on tea. It is the most expensive out there out of all of them. It’s just not feasible for me to keep reordering.

Hi Lisa! Thank you for your valuable feedback! We're so sorry about our Matcha's price, and I understand how it's unfortunate that it can't be affordable to everyone. This price is a reflection of our cost, which is expensive for the quality of our Sun Goddess Matcha in particular. Our matcha is sourced from Kagoshima, the furthest point from industrial pollution and radiation. Also home to Japan's first national park and neighbor to Okinawa, a famous Blue Zone where natives live the longest lives in the world. We collaborated with Mr. Mori, a 9th-degree teamaster (there are only ~15 in the world) to create the Sun Goddess Matcha. The final step is exhaustive toxin screening and analysis to ensure safety and purity. Third-party lab tested to be free of pesticides, herbicides, fluoride, heavy metals, toxic mold and radioactive isotopes by batch. Because of the source of ingredients and the process behind it, this creates a high price point for the Matcha's top quality. Asides from it's price, Sun Goddess Matcha isn't for everyone's preference. We only want you to be 100% satisfied with our teas, so if you contact us at teamakers@piquetea.com, we'd be happy to offer you an exchange or refund. :) Thank you for reaching out!
The Perfect Matcha

I ordered this tea recently and was very pleased with how quickly I received it. As far as the actual matcha, the taste is perfect, it’s not too strong, not too weak I cant get enough. Wish I could drink it throughout the day, but unfortunately the caffeine will keep me up at night.
With that said, normally I am extremely sensitive to caffeine, I don’t drink coffee or black teas and although I did feel the caffeine after drinking this I didn’t get sick or over stimulated like I normally would from caffeine.
This tea will definitely now be a part of my daily routine, and even though the price tag is high I very much so recommend it! (If you count it up it’s about $2 per cup, which is less than most people spend on drinks from coffee shops, and you get all the health benefits and great taste).
Thank you Pique for creating such a wonderful product!

The best

Great taste


I thought the caffeine would bother me but it hasn’t. Love it.