Tummy tonic.

Inspired by centuries of using ginger to soothe all things tummy-related. Whether you need some help digesting a heavy meal or need to quell a little queasiness, ginger is a gentle palliative.

Herbal rescue.

This blend is naturally caffeine-free, so reach for a cup anytime without worrying about losing sleep. Compounds in ginger have been shown to support a healthy immune system, so you can sleep easier knowing you’re providing your cells with a little extra armor to help them fight their daily battles.

Stimulating flavor.

Your favorite invigorating spicy ginger meets the pleasing tang of sweet citrus peels. We added just a hint of mint and sweet licorice root to round out a flavorful brew that’s awesome hot or cold.

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Healthier than taking antacids

Pricey? Yes, but when something works well and is a healthier option than countless OTC and prescription meds, it's worth it to me. I have struggled with gut disfunction for years even tho I eat a (mostly) healthy diet and drink a wide selection of teas. These are superior in taste and convenience, and to my amazement are nothing like the "instant tea" I detest. I use an 11 oz. stainless steel bottle to shake it up and carry it with me. I find the "peppery" Ginger Elixer needs more than 8 oz. water to dilute a bit. Sipping it hot in the evening settles the gut and eases discomforts. Have not tried it cold as yet, but when I do, I will prep it as I do all Piques that I like chilled: dissolve the tea in my 11 oz. bottle w/ small amount hot water, shake, add cold water and ice and shake again. Good to go. So convenient for on the go around the house, the office, or on the road. Has nearly eliminated the AlkaSeltzer, which was an unwanted part of my daily life. Enjoying sampling new teas a few at a time.
Not all are favorites, but if good for me even if odd at first ( like the chaga tea) I get used to them. After all, a lot of medicines don't taste very good either, but that doesn't stop us from taking them if they do the job, right?

Ginger digestion tea

This so far is my favorite. I love the hint of licorice.


Great taste and very refreshing. I would give it a five if it was a more ginger flavor

Yummy and easy to drink!

I love making fresh ginger tea, but I can't do this on the go. I love the little packets and how travel friendly they are. I suffer from constipation and these help me a lot!


So nice to have something to sip on after that last meal of the day, to aid in digestion yet caffeine-free before bedtime...