6x antioxidants of teabags


    Premium tea sourced at peak freshness


    Sustainably produced to the highest organic standards


    Free of preservatives, fillers, gluten, grains and dairy

  • KETO

    Approved for a carb-free ketogenic diet


    Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners

Customer Reviews

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Amazing Product

It is so clean tasting. I have never had such great tasting tea.

Perfect Pique

I love the taste of Pique tea as well as the ease of using it. I am also enthusiastic about how I feel and the way fat is melting away. That may not all be tea (intermittent fasting helps, too), but it is definitely a strong factor.


Organic Sencha Japanese Green Tea


I am a Pique Tea fan and have great expectations for your work to bring the world a healthier tea. I have placed two orders for Pique Tea to date. The first one was from your own Web site and it took 16 days to arrive here in Japan but the shipping charges were very reasonable. The second was via iHerb, which took 4 days and was reasonably priced, which I felt was very good service.

Yesterday two friends and I did our first very informal Pique Tea tasting at a nearby coffee shop so I could hear multiple opinions. We tried the Earl Grey and the Sencha. I am not a major tea drinker but I prefer tea to coffee which I never drink. I prefer Earl Grey tea, so was looking forward to trying your version. Three of us tried the Pique Earl Grey and scored it at a final average of 61%. This is not a good score. I love your technology and you base concept of bringing better and healthier tea to the world but the Earl Grey did not have the aroma or taste of a good Earl Grey. However, I felt the quality level was high and the mouth feel very good. I have high expectations but you still need to do a lot of work in my opinion. I have had good teas in Japan that in some cases were on par with a good wine, absolutely amazing. I hope you can get to that level.

We liked the Sencha much better, even though I don’t drink much green tea. It was quite drinkable and high in quality. It was liked by all of us and although it was not given an official score it would have been closer to 80% no doubt.

I was disappointed in the way the crystals did not really dissolve that easily. I noticed this with the ginger which did not dissolve too easily and coagulated in the glass I was using. But I liked the spiciness and the addictive taste.

Sorry I can’t say anything more favorable but I have much confidence in your ability to create great teas in the near future.

Best Medicine for Inflammation

since my last review I have spoken to Simon/we discussed my inflammation issues and the fact that I was benefiting from the tea, some more than others/so Simon suggested 3 teas, 2 with caffeine 1 without(for evening)/I can tell you that I am having near pain free days/I can also say that I can decrease my consumption and get the same results/meaning that drinking daily 8 to 10 cups has built up a sort of defense against the cause of the inflammation/I have cut back a few days due to fishing and the benefits are still there/ I suggest talking with Simon by e-mail to discuss any ailment should you have one/otherwise just enjoy the tea for no other reason than you enjoy it...