If you could only choose one...

Trying to decide between the catechins and freshness of green tea or the theaflavins and earthiness of black tea? Choose oolong. It’s semi-oxidized and falls perfectly between black and green tea with the best of both worlds: both types of polyphenols and both fresh and roasted flavor.

Glow up.

Switch your inner light on with the energizing balance of caffeine + l-theanine. Refresh your mind and awaken your senses. With catechins for daily immune support and theaflavins for digestion and gut support, you’ll be glowing and flowing your way through a balanced day.

Supercharged nutrients and flavor.

The exquisite Wuyi Mountain oolong is a cliffside variety, like the athletes of tea plants, resulting in a hardy plant teeming with vitalizing antioxidants. Earthy with roasted notes and the underlying crispness of green tea.

Active Ingredients

Energizing Caffeine: MEDIUM (39-49mg)

Vitalizing Antioxidants: HIGH (215-268mg)

Calming L-theanine: MEDIUM (11-13mg)

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Sacred Lily Oolong

Sacred Lily Oolong tea

Thank you for letting me try your Oolong tea. I plan to make the pumpkin smoothie recipe this weekend. Even though I am impressed and enjoy your product, the cost does not fit into my budget. I will be heading to Pearland, Texas later this year and my try to purchase some at HEB. Unfortunately, they only carry several varieties.


This tea is soothing and gentle! A favorite!

Too strong

I was a little disappointed as the tea almost had an instant taste to it and was a little too strong for me!! I’m going to try it again and half the packet!!

Hi Kandy, thank you for your feedback! Is there anything we might be able to help you with directly to make your teas more enjoyable? Our teas are quite strong compared to brewed teas, so we're happy to know that you've been able to enjoy them better with half a sachet. :) For any further assistance from our team, please feel free to message us at teamakers@piquetea.com anytime.
Roasted notes

There is nothing wrong with this tea but the roasted notes just do not appeal to me.

Hi Susan, Thank you for your review and are terribly sorry if our tea didn't meet your expectations. For a refund, please feel free to make one within 30 Days through our Returns Center at https://piquetea.returnly.com/. We want you to be nothing but completely satisfied with our products, even if this means a refund. We'd be happy to help assist in any way we can, and if there's something we can improve for you, please let us know anytime at teamakers@piquetea.com. Thank you!!