It's finally here...

Have you been wanting to show off your collection of teas?

Have you been using a DIY tea holder like all of us?

We've heard your requests and are proud to unveil our exquisite Pique bamboo teabox ($20 value).

This refined, natural AND sustainable box is made of bamboo and has a smooth natural finish.

  • Perfect for organizing, gifting or impressing guests!
  • Keeps your favorite teas organized, it's will adorn any dining table or kitchen counter instantly beautifying your home.
  • Designed so flavor descriptions are visible from side view.
  • Available for a limited time. Offer expires 11/28/2019!

Limited Time Holiday Special

  • Get bamboo box + free shipping

    8 cartons total

    + bamboo box + free shipping

  • Get 1 free carton + bamboo box + free shipping

    10 cartons total

    + bamboo box + free shipping

  • Get 2 free cartons + bamboo box + free shipping

    12 cartons total

    + bamboo box + free shipping

    Maximum Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

"When does this offer end?"

The offer ends on November 28th, 2019.

"What is the size of the bamboo teabox?"

Finished bamboo box with lid to protect from dust (dimensions - 3.5 x 3.5 x 5 inches).

"How many sachets does the teabox hold?"

Comfortably holds at least 42 large (1.5 cartons) and small sachets (3 cartons).

"Which teas can I select in my bundle?"

Select from any of the teas available on our Build-Your-Own-Bundle page, linked above. This is a selection of all of our regular green and black teas, herbals, fasting teas, and our Sun Goddess Matcha. 

"Can I purchase the Pique Box individually (a la carte)?"

Not quite yet! This is our newest addition to our Pique family, so there's only enough in supply to be available in this deal. Until later, you can only find them here (before they're gone!). 

"Can I choose the same teas more than once?"

If your tea is listed in our deal, you can repeat the same flavor as many times as you wish! 

"Which carton is free?"

As of now, your free carton is our new Pique Box, made from sustainably sourced bamboo. Asides from this promotion, your free carton will be the lowest-priced carton in your selected tea bundle.