Matcha Green Fasting Tea.

Take a high-catechin blend of green tea, add it to the world’s purest ceremonial grade matcha and you’ve got a virtual l-theanine bomb to chill you out. Bye-bye fasting stress, hello zen. And hello longer fasting windows! When you conquer the toughest part of fasting – the mental challenge – you’ll find the whole process easier.

Bergamot Black Fasting Tea.

Energizing English black tea is infused with whole, ground Calabrian bergamot for a nourishing, yet vibrant morning indulgence.  Black tea contains the highest dose of caffeine, while L-theanine and Bergamot rind support a calm, positive mood. You’ll start the day with so much energy, focus, and exuberance, you’ll forget “fasting fatigue” is even a thing.

Bergamot Green Fasting Tea.

When the world’s finest Japanese green tea is blended with heirloom Italian citrus you get this sensational east-meets-west infusion. The perfect midday dose of caffeine combats afternoon fatigue, while high-catechin green tea provides satiety, and whole, ground bergamot supports a positive mood. Fasting “hanger” will be a thing of the past!

Cinnamon Herbal Fasting Tea.

Cozy, comforting and caffeine-free so you can snuggle up to a cup during those snack-prone evening hours. Cinnamon helps support healthy blood sugar levels while burdock root and bergamot provide antioxidants, robust flavor and relaxation. Rounded out with spearmint to increase satiety, it’s no wonder this brew has become a “fast” favorite.

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Good Quality (but hella expensive)
Hi Bill! Thanks so much for your thoughtful review! We completely understand your concerns and thank you for bringing them up. Our regular teas come out to $0.86 per cup, and for our bundles, less than $3 for 3 cups of tea per day. Some our specialty teas (like our Fasting Teas, Pu'er, Chaga, Reishi, and Sun Goddess Matcha) have twice the amount of tea in a carton than our regular teas (28 sachets per carton), but their higher prices are determined by their higher costs of production: these particular teas are some of our proudest accomplishment teas at Pique and are among the best teas on the market when it comes to quality, purity, and cleanliness. Our hand-selected sourcing, toxin screenings, and dedication to naturally grown products for these inherently rare ingredients all play a role in their price. We understand not all of our teas are for everyone, and the price is a completely understandable reason. We strive to make these teas as affordable as possible, especially since we want everyone to enjoy our teas, so I hope this insight might be a helpful explanation for why they are priced the way they are, which is only because we strive to sell the highest quality, purest, and cleanest teas you can buy. :) Our Fasting teas have been formulated in collaboration with Dr. Fung to support your fasting experience. They are made from a proprietary blend of the highest-catechin green teas and other plants, roots, and herbs to support your fasting journey and make the process easier. This higher level of catechins and antioxidants help support your gut health, promote satiety, and regulate your digestion. Like all of our teas, they are 100% organic and triple toxin screened for pesticides, heavy metals, and toxic mold. For instance, our Bergamot Fasting Teas are intentionally formulated to taste bitter with the use of whole-ground Bergamot Orange rind, the most bitter part of the fruit. Bitter foods are beneficial because they activate our bitter taste receptors located on our tongue and throughout our digestive system. When activated, these receptors have been shown to help manage cravings, increase satiety, aid digestion and support healthy blood sugar levels. I hope this information is insightful! If you're unhappy with this teas, we do offer a full customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our teas within 30 days, so please reach out to us at so we can make this right for you. Thank you again for your thoughtful review Bill!
Fasting Tea
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