12x antioxidants of teabags


    Premium tea sourced at peak freshness


    Sustainably produced to the highest organic standards


    Free of preservatives, fillers, gluten, grains and dairy

  • KETO

    Approved for a carb-free ketogenic diet


    Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners

Customer Reviews

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About Pique Tea

I loved the teas. They are excellent and I would be interested to try others kinds of Pique Teas. However, I am really concerned about the packaging. I am saving the little tubular envelopes for recycling but I am pretty sure they are not. If you could find a way of having the packaging support the environment I would seriously considerer buying more and maybe becoming a regular customer. But for now, I am too concerned for the environment. Thank you for giving me a chance to voice this. And congratulations on the quality of your teas

Price is marked up online

The tea tastes good but after I bought it (because it was recommended by someone online who I trust) I discovered it for sale at my local grocery store for half the price.

Hi Karen! Thank you for your feedback! If our teas are cheaper in select store locations, this is because these 3rd party vendors have discounted our products heavily. If you find them for a cheaper price in these locations, I'd recommend buying them because sometimes they're a steal! These store prices are out of our control since our prices are based off of our costs, which include expensive tea sourcing, crystallization, and screening processes. Because 3rd party vendors only buy and resell our teas, they don't have to cover the same costs. On the contrary, these stores have less availability, reliability, and service. Furthermore our online store contains free shipping with purchases of 5 or more cartons. I usually recommend checking out our bundle packs on our store https://www.piquetea.com/collections/all for a great value and variety. We're sorry if our prices aren't as competitive as your store's. As always, I recommend you buying our teas from a source that is best suited for you, and price is no exception. I hope my help was insightful, and if you have any further questions, please contact us at teamakers@piquetea.com. Thanks for writing in!
Good tea

Very good tea love it