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Organic Sencha Green Tea

Organic Sencha Green Tea


Product Description

The quintessential Japanese green tea. Fresh and clear with grassy notes. The ultimate solution for all day drinking. Hydrate like a champion. Perfect iced or hot. #fuelyourflow

Energizing Caffeine: MEDIUM (31-37mg per 0.6g packet)
Vitalizing Polyphenols: HIGH (223-273mg per 0.6g packet)
Calming L-theanine: HIGH (11-14mg per 0.6g packet)

  • Minimum 2 packets / day recommended to experience tea benefits
  • 14 packets per carton. 1 packet per 8oz serving
  • Dissolves in cold or hot water
  • Free of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar
  • Natural active ingredient levels in plants vary by batch
The quintessential Japanese green tea. Our sencha tea leaves are grown in a pristine mountain valley. Bright sunshine during the day combined with cool temperatures in the evening create the ideal environment for growing green tea of exceptional quality. Unlike other teas, our tea trees are shaded for the last 10 days to stop the growth of leaves while roots continue to draw nutrients from the ground. All those nutrients are packed into the leaves to create a greater concentration of both flavor and antioxidants.
  • Organic Certified
  • Batch tested for active ingredient levels