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Organic Jasmine Green Tea

Organic Jasmine Green Tea


Product Description

Spring harvested green tea infused with fresh summer jasmine blooms. Robust and fragrant. A powerhouse on all fronts. For those seeking a full on experience. Perfect iced or hot. #fuelyourflow

Energizing Caffeine: HIGH (45-55mg per 0.6g packet)
Vitalizing Polyphenols: HIGH (273-333mg per 0.6g packet)
Calming L-theanine: HIGH (14-17mg per 0.6g packet)

  • Minimum 2 packets / day recommended to experience tea benefits
  • 14 packets per carton. 1 packet per 8oz serving
  • Dissolves in cold or hot water
  • Free of artificial flavors, preservatives and sugar
  • Natural active ingredient levels in plants vary by batch
This elegant Jasmine tea is made using spring-harvested green tea from a lush mountain valley in Zhejiang Province in China, and combined with fresh Jasmine flowers petals plucked at the peak of their freshness. According to our unique technique, this green tea is blended 5 separate times with batches of fresh Jasmine petals to create a perfect delicate aroma.
  • Organic Certified
  • Batch tested for active ingredient levels