Instant Plant-based Super Fuel.

Made purely from organic plants, free of sugar, additives and preservatives.
Simply open and mix with hot or cold water for
instant energy, clarity and focus.

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Calm Natural Energy. Tea Antioxidant Power. All Organic, Sugar-Free.

Powerful tea antioxidants, slow-realease caffeine,
calming l-theanine. Experience the incomparable flavor
and powerful benefits of loose leaf tea.

Morning energy. Afternoon boost. Evening recharge.
Pre-workout motivation. Or all day hydration.

Find the tea that's right for you

Nothing added. Nothing taken away. Tea evolved.

Inspired by a 1,300 year old tradition, our Cold CrystallizationTM process extracts the robust flavor and active ingredients in loose leaf tea at their maximum potential.

  • Organic


    Free from preservatives, stabilizers and artificial flavors

  • Antioxidants


    3-8x the antioxidants of leading tea bags and bottled teas

  • Sugarfree


    Free of sugar and artificial sweeteners. Low to no calories

  • Wholeleaves

    Fresh Loose Leaf Tea

    Made with loose leaf tea. Crystallized right after harvest

  • Easy&PiquePerfect

    No Brewing Required

    Dissolves immediately in hot or cold water

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