English Breakfast Black

Superior blend of single estate Assam and Ceylon black teas. Bold, earthy and smooth with notes of malt. Powerhouse of theaflavins to support regularity. Clean, sustained energy to fuel your mornings – without the jitters or crash of coffee.

Earl Grey Black

Made with superior Ceylon black tea and oil of bergamot. Earthy and smooth with a hint of aromatic citrus. Theaflavins and antioxidants team up to provide effortless gut support. Slightly less caffeine than English Breakfast, but enough to propel you into midday with calm, alert focus.

Jasmine Green

Made with spring-harvested green tea, handpicked at peak freshness and infused with fresh Summer Jasmine petals. A floral delight brimming with polyphenols to nourish healthy gut microflora and support digestion. A pleasant punch of caffeine paired with l-theanine to have you sailing through the midday slump with laser-sharp focus.

Rooibos Vitality Elixir

A fragrant red herbal tea from the Cederberg Mountains of South Africa, infused with a touch of Madagascar vanilla. Harboring a unique polyphenol and antioxidant variety not found elsewhere in nature, rooibos is a precious elixir for gut health. Tannin-free and ideal for the most sensitive of tummies. Caffeine-free so you can experience the restorative effects of a good night’s sleep.

Ginger Digestion Elixir

Spicy ginger combined with notes of sweet citrus peels, a hint of mint and licorice root. The ultimate tummy tonic inspired by ginger’s centuries-old legendary status of soothing the belly and aiding digestion. Caffeine-free to set you up for a cozy, comfy, restful night.

Customer Reviews

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Best Tea Ever

The quality of pique tea is so worth the money. I love how easy and quick it is to make a cup and I definitely feel like the more cups of tea I have a day, the more calm I am. My digestion has improved, I don't have troubles sleeping from too much caffeine, and I look forward to each cup.

Some of the best tea I've ever had

I'd heard a lot about Pique tea and was skeptical of the crystals concept, but this is some of the most delicious, cleanest, best tasting and best feeling tea I've ever had. Worth every penny!


Complete Immune Support - 10% off

Amazing difference already

I ordered this bundle with heavy skepticism. I have MS, and have been feeling off for awhile, who knows why, i mean it is 2020. Anyway, any boost in immunity (or mood for that matter) naturally is always interesting to me. It has been a week, I drink 4-5 cups a day (following the recommeded types per the guide) and I feel great. I have boosted energy, my digestion is better, my mood is better and balanced. I thought it would be difficult to switch from coffee to tea and i admittedly still have a cup of coffee a day but I do not NEED it to start my day now. Im looking forward to another week of trial to see how I feel then. It is worth the money if you stick to the regiment. Good luck and Be blessed

First order good so far.

I have tried four types of a six flavor immune boosting bundle. Very pleased with each. Thanks.

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